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Master Craftsman

Prerequisites: Proficiency in at least one type of Artisan's tools, or the Herbalism kit
You have mastered your craft, working with greater efficiency and producing goods of higher quality. Select one type of Artisan's tools or the Herbalism kit that you have proficiency in. You gain the following benefits whilst using it:

  • You add double your proficiency bonus to any checks you make using the tool you've selected
  • When you craft something with the tool you've selected, the total market value you can craft per day increases by an amount of gp equal to your character level.
  • If you use the tool you've selected to practice a profession during downtime, you can support a lifestyle one higher than you would normally be able to.

You can select this feat multiple times. Each time you do so, you must select a different set of Artisan's tools or the Herbalism kit that you are proficient in.

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