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Massage (Dex)[edit]

A massage is the manipulation of flesh and muscle by means of rubbing, kneading, caressing, or otherwise comforting the subject receiving the massage. This skill has many uses, which can be used for the benefit of the giver and the recipient.

Requirements: Dexterity of at least 14. The subject must be willing to receive a massage. Also, for the skill to work, the subject must be suitably uncovered, depending on the situation. The DM has discretion, but it is obvious that a massage would not work while the subject is covered in a full suit of armor.

Check: You can make a massage check for a number of different tasks, described below.

Task DC
Comfort Subject 5
Improve Subject's Attitude 10
Put subject to sleep 20
Attract Subject 20

Comfort Subject: Removes the penalties of a pain causing spell or effect.

Improve Subject's Attitude: The subject's attitude will improve by one category, having a similar effect to a perform or diplomacy check. Note that this only can improve a subject's attitude to helpful at most.

Put Subject to Sleep: A successful check will have the effect of a sleep spell.

Attract Subject: If the party giving the massage is the opposite sex from the one receiving it, a successful check for attract subject will have the effect of an attraction power.

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