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Work In Progress
Manifold Garden
9th-level Conjuration (ritual)
Casting time: 2 weeks (8 hours/day)
Range: 240 feet (see text)
Components: V, S, M (A 5ft-cubed scale model replica of the structure or environment you wish to create inside the garden, and a special Hyperdimensional Klein Bottle, all of which the spell consumes. See text for details.)
Duration: Instantaneous

This spell creates a finite plane with limited access: a demi-plane – with an extradimensional twist. Demiplanes created by this spell start out as very small, minor planes.

1. Preparing the Spell.

To prepare this spell, proceed with the following construction ritual:

  1. Construct an exact scale model of the structure you wish to enclose in the Manifold artifact that can fit within a 5ft cube, down to the exact materials you wish to comprise the walls, floors, and ceilings, excluding material furnishings and structural portals (such as glass for windows and wood planks for doors). For reference, 1 inch on the model is equivalent to 20 feet within the Manifold artifact. See Figure 1.
  2. Inscribe the beginnings of a miniature Teleportation Circle on a surface you wish to designate as the Garden's "entryway," 0.5 inches in diameter and omitting the sigil sequence.
  3. Next, construct a Hyperdimensional Klein Bottle comprised of Theurglass into a Platonic Solid filling a space no larger than a 5ft cube, with its curved "tubes" connecting the faces that you wish to stitch together within the Manifold demiplane. For hypothetical example, one might construct a Cube with all opposing faces connected to each other via glass tubes encircling the outer perimeter of the bottle. See Figure 2.
  4. Once the glass structure has cooled, cast Etherealness while touching the scale model of your structure. While in the Ethereal plane, move the structure to within the confines of the glass canister. If constructed properly, the outermost bounds of your model should line up perfectly with the interior of the glass, bracing itself against the glass in whatever configuration you construct your model. In our example, the model should have contact points (structural supports, braces, pillars, walls, or etc.) parallel to all three perpendicular axes of cubic space, touching the interior center of every face of the cube. See Figure 3.
  5. Finally, without leaving the Ethereal Plane, you may cast this spell, targetting the center of the assemblage.

2. Growing your Garden.

A character can cast this spell only on the Ethereal Plane. When he or she casts it, a local density fluctuation precipitates the creation of a normal demiplane, centered around the ritual assembly. At first, the demiplane grows at a rate of a 1-foot-radius per day to an initial maximum radius of 60 feet as the fledgling plane draws substance from surrounding ethereal vapors and protomatter. When the caster stops casting for any reason, the process will "pause"

The spellcaster determines the environment within the demiplane when they first cast the Manifold Garden spell, such as atmosphere, temperature, climate, humidity, and the "color" of the extradimensional bounds of the demiplane. The caster may also decide if the "color" of the plane is static or cycling. This "color" will serve as a source of artificial daylight for the interior of the demiplane.

  • If the caster chooses the color of the demiplane to be static, the caster may additionally choose the direction in which the artificial daylight shines through the plane, such as emulating the positions of the "sun" in the morning, noon, or sunset.
  • If the caster chooses the color of the demiplane to be cycling, the caster may determine in what sequence, and in what intervals, the color of the plane will gradually shift between. In such a way, the caster could, for example, emulate the natural daylight sequence of the Material Plane, shifting between the color of dusk, the color of sunrise, the color of day, the color of sunset, the color of dawn, and the color of twilight, cycling within a 24-hour period. Alternatively, the caster may choose to emulate the cycle of any other plane the caster can imagine, including a sequence of the caster's own design.

These configurations may be modified post-creation of the demiplane by casting Manifold Garden again within the demiplane, specifically targetting the central Manifold artifact. However, you will not be able to enter the Manifold until the artifact is completed.

This spell cannot create life (including vegetation), nor can it create any construction outside of what is defined by the enclosed model structure. The spellcaster must add these things in some other fashion (including furnishings, stationary tools, goods, and etc.) if he or she desires.

Once the basic manifold reaches its maximum size of 240 ft, the artifact will begin to float towards the very center of the demiplane, and the entire plane will appear to "collapse" violently as the extradimensional demiplane detatches itself from the Ethereal Plane. It will take 4 hours to be considered "complete" after this, as the artifact begins to fold and twist the detached demiplane into a hyperdimensional manifold space. Once the artifact is considered complete, it is ready to be entered via Demiplane or Plane Shift.

3. Entering the Manifold.

Initially, the only way to enter the garden is via Demiplane, describing the model structure the caster created. The door will appear directly on top of the inactive Teleportation Circle. At this time, you may optionally attune a tuning fork to this demiplane for use in Plane Shift. The tuning fork will adopt the visual properties of an Impossible Trident. See Figure 4. When you enter the Manifold via Plane Shift, you will appear atop the previously-inscribed Teleportation Circle as if you've just used the circle normally.

The sigil sequence of the circle has been left blank, and may be configured to the caster's choosing, although the circle will not activate until a full cast of Teleportation Circle is casted upon the circle.

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