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Mana Thistle Level 1+ Uncommon
Mana Thistle is an intensely fragrant herb. It has a red coloring and is slightly larger than other types of thistle. At night, it has a faint red glow. It is consumed by smoking or eating.
Level 1 0g gp Level 1 0g gp
Level 1 0g gp Level 1 0g gp
Level 1 0g gp Level 5 150g gp

Power (Consumable,Healing) ♦ Daily (Minor Action)
Consume this item. You get a +1 bonus to all attack, damage, and skill check rolls until for one day, or until the next time you take an extended rest. After the effect wears off, you go into a state of withdrawal and get a -2 penalty to all attack, damage, and skill check rolls for 1 day, or until you consume more mana thistle.

You may consume mana thistle up to 2 times per day; the effects, both positive and negative, are cumulative. If you consume any more, you must make an endurance check DC 15 + 1/2 your level. If you succeed, you have successfully consumed another mana thistle plant. If you fail, you throw up and then fall unconscious due to overdose.

Nature DC 15: the herb is called mana thistle. You know that it's significant, but you don't remember why. It smells a bit like oregano, and you've seen it being sold at the market; maybe it's a spice?

Nature DC 20: the herb provides the user with a rush of energy when smoked or eaten. Ancient warriors used to eat it before going into battle to give them more power. It is the drug of choice for many wizards.

Nature DC 25: the herb is highly addictive, and can cause terrible withdraw symptoms. It's best left untouched.

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