Magical Defibrillation (3.5e Variant Rule)

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Magical Defibrillation[edit]

What do you do when an ally dies in combat, there is no healer in the party (or worse, the one who died was the healer), and you don’t have time to trek back to a temple? Jump start their heart. If a PC (or even an NPC) is killed in combat, there is an intact body (not disintegrated or decapitated, etc), and they have been dead for less than 10 minutes (100 rounds), the arcane magic user in the group can potentially revive them. To do so they must use Shocking Grasp (assuming they know it and/or have it prepared) applied to the victim’s chest. Upon discharging the spell, the victim makes a Fortitude Save DC 10+Spell Level+the caster’s Ability Modifier+1 for every round they have been dead. If the save fails, they stay dead and the caster can try again as long as they haven’t used all of their spell slots (metamagic feats could be used if they are out of daily spells of the appropriate spell level for Shocking Grasp), haven’t run out of prepared uses of Shocking Grasp, and/or 10 minutes have not passed. If the save is successful, the fallen ally is restored to life at -9 HP and stable. They still suffer the same effects as they would if Raise Dead had been used.

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