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Magical Cookery[edit]

With this rule, characters with proficiency with the Culinary Tools and a set of Culinary Tools may spend a long rest preparing food with minor magical properties. Creatures who eat this food during the long rest gain magical bonuses, and a good meal. A list of dishes is listed below, along with the required ingredients. A list of ingredients is also located at the bottom of the page, along with their price, the likelihood of them being buyable, and how difficult it is to forage them. Up to 3 dishes can be prepared during a long rest, but magical food loses its magic if not eaten during the same long rest it is cooked. A dish's effects last until the start of a long rest. A creature can have more than one magical Cookery effect on it at one time.


Dishes are cooked using one or more Ingredients. They serve a specific amount of people per dish. They bestow a semi-magical effect on creatures who ingest them. Small creatures only need eat half a serving, whereas Large creatures must eat 2 servings to gain the benefit. Tiny creatures do not impact the number of servings remaining when they partake of a dish.

Frog Stew[edit]

Ingredients: 2x Frog Legs, 1x any Vegetable or Herb-type ingredient.

Serves: 4

Effect: A creature who eats this dish gains the effects of the Jump spell.

Spineleaf Salad[edit]

Ingredients: 6x Spineleaf, 1x any Herb or Berry-type ingredient.

Serves: 5

Effect: A creature who eats this dish gains proficency in Constitution or Wisdom saves (Thier choice).

Snail Pie[edit]

Ingredients: 10x Snails, 4x Pastry

Serves: 6

Effect: A creature who eats this dish gains a +2 bonus to spell damage.


Ingredients: 2x any Vegetable or Meat ingredient, 1x Pastry

Serves: 1

Effect: A creature who eats this dish gains a +2 bonus to hit points regained from all sources.

Cactus Soup[edit]

Ingredients: 10× Cactus

Serves: 4

Effect: The Dexterity score of creatures who eat this dish increases by 2.

Venison Stew[edit]

Ingredients: 8x Venison

Serves: 2

Effect: The Constitution of a creature who eats this dish increases by 2.

Boiled Berries[edit]

Ingredients: 12x any Berry-type ingredients

Serves: 6

Effect: A creature who eats this dish gains a +5 bonus to their walking speed.


Ingredients are used to make meals. Some Ingredients yield more in certain weathers, such as Snails. An Ingredient can usually be bought or foraged, but some (like Pastry) cannot. The "Cost" refers to a single item.

Frog Legs[edit]

Forage Environments: Forest, Grassland, Swamp

Forage DC: 14, 20, 10

Forage Amount: 1, 1d2 if raining.

Sale Likelihood: 60%

Cost: 3gp

Type: Meat


Forage Environments: Forest, Grassland, Swamp, Mountain, Coast, Underdark

Forage DC: 16, 15, 13, 12, 13, 14

Forage Amount: 1d4+1

Sale Likelihood: 50%

Cost: 2gp

Type: Herb


Forage Enviroments: Forest, Grassland, Swamp, Underdark

Forage DC: 14, 13, 12, 11

Forage Amount: 1d6, 2d10 if raining.

Sale Likelihood: 20%

Cost: 5sp

Type: Meat


Sale Likelihood: 80%

Cost: 4gp

Type: Carbohydrate

Red Berries[edit]

Forage Enviroments: Forest, Grassland, Swamp, Mountain, Underdark, Coast

Forage DC: 12, 13, 11, 12, 11, 13

Forage Amount: 2d6

Sale Likelihood: 70%

Cost: 5sp

Type: Berry


Forage Enviroments: Forest, Grassland, Mountain

Forage DC: 13, 10, 16

Forage Amount: 1d4

Sale Likelihood: 55%

Cost: 3gp

Type: Meat


Forage Enviroments: Desert

Forage DC: 11

Forage Amount: 1d6

Sale Likelihood: 10%

Cost: 2gp

Type: Vegetable

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