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Magical Effects of Verendal[edit]

Magic is all throughout Verendal. Many races use magic in their daily lives and it is incredibly powerful. During the Age of Magic, the arcane and divine powers that be began to erupt violently and caused a shift in magical energies. A shift so powerful that when magic was used, it causes ruptures in the planes though only on the Material Plane. All the magic energies can tear the very Weave that is the fabric of magic. The only type of magic that can seal these ruptures is force damage. As a result, planar creatures have come to find homes in the Material Plane, making settlements near the ruptures.

Another effect of the Age of Magic resulted in the land, the sea and sky being imbued with a variety of spells. Spells of 8th level or lower can be imbued within the world itself. Common spells that are imbued within the world of Verendal are Daylight, Darkness, Zone of Truth, Water Walk, Wall of Fire and many other spells. These "location spells" cannot be dispelled but they can be suppressed within an anti-magic field or by use of the Dispel Magic spell. When using Dispel Magic, as if trying to use it on a spell as normal, the caster needs to make an Arcana skill check or use a higher level spell slot against the location spell. On success, the location spell is suppressed for the level spell slot used hours. (i.e. if using a 3rd level spell slot to cast Dispel Magic, the location spell will be suppressed for 3 hours within the area that was dispelled.)

Other than those effects, magic functions as normal.

Institutions of Magic[edit]

There are a numerous institutions of magic within Verendal. From Bardic Colleges, to Guild Halls and Druidic Circles and many, many more. The most famous institution of magic is the Kin Guild Hall located within the District of Knowledge of the Kin Capital of Domar.

Kin Guild Hall[edit]

The Kin Guild Hall is overseen by High Mage Axeus Kin. Axeus Kin is the 4th son of the Kin Royal Family and is the only member of the KINSON7 to be a full spellcaster. Born a sorcerer, Axeus Kin had a natural affinity for magic, and as such he devoted much of his time mastering his craft. He, along with 6 other powerful magic users at the time, founded the Kin Guild Hall. It was a place that all who use magic, be it arcane or divine, can come and revel in the resources gathered within. For more information of the Kin Guild Hall, refer to the Kin Capital page.

Direction of the Dragon[edit]

The Direction of the Dragon is an institution founded for those devoted to the cause of Dragons. This is more of a collection of locations rather than a single institution. Making up the Direction of the Dragon is the following organizations: The Church of the Dragon, which houses Dragon Domain Clerics, Paladins under the Oath of the Dragon and Monks who follow the Way of the Dragon; Dragons of Man, those brave enough to conquer dragons and become known as Dragon Knights; and the Collection of Dragons, dragon races and those given the Rite of the Dragon to become half-dragons that are devoted to the powers that dragons possess.

University of the Bards[edit]

The University of the Bards is a collection of all the Bardic Colleges. It is housed within the City of Lore. All Bards of all collections attend the University of the Bards and all are willing to learn. Although the University is primarily used for the training of Bards, many people come to the University of Bards as it is a safe haven to all.

Church of Gods[edit]

Each god and goddess have a church or collection of churches spread throughout the lands of Verendal. The Head Church of each god is housed to the Oracle of that god. Not all of the Head Churches have their Oracle as only one of each exists at a time. The Oracles that are currently within their Head Churches are those of Oríon, Blaétor, Wáges and Se’Phal. The Oracles of Xerax has not been born. The Oracle of Tor'Phug died when Tor'Phug was stripped of most of his divine power by Oríon. As a result of Oríon, only those with a Divine Rank of 20 or more may have an Oracle devoted to them. Tor'Phug was stripped to the Divine Rank of 5 as a result of his actions against the pantheon. These Churches are defended by Bright or Dark Lords (depending on the alignment of the gods or goddess), Paladins, while the Clerics of the pantheon watch over the Oracle.

Druidic Circles[edit]

Druid Circles are spread across the land but due to the often nomadic teachings of the Druids, they may be seen just about anywhere. Few Archdruids exist but those that have mastered the teachings of nature have much to offer the world of life.

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