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Appalachia is rife with stereotypes, so if you are politically correct, you are not going to enjoy this campaign. None-the-less try to avoid egregious racism when running and playing this campaign. The humans are under attack from all sides and so they tend to band together and care much less about skin color than humans in our world do.

Magic in Appalachia is Generally Vertically Challenged
  • Vertical Spells - Flying and levitation and all such spells and magic do not exist: Control Weather, Fly, Levitation, Reverse Gravity, Skywrite.
  • Movement Spells - In addition the following spells can not be used to rise in elevation more than 10 feet: Arcane Eye, Arcane Gate, Blink, Bigby's Hand, Demiplane, Dimension Door, Etherealness, Gaseous Form, Gate, Imprisonment, Jump, Mage Hand, Misty Step, Plane Shift, Rope Trick, Spiritual Weapon, Tasha's Otherworldy Guise, Telekinesis, Teleport, Thunder Step, Transport via Plants, Tree Stride, Unseen Servant, Water Walk, Wind Walk, Word of Recall.
  • Summoning and Creation - The following spells can not provide wings or winged creatures, although they may sometimes create non-winged versions of winged creatures, or if the creature has wings it can not fly: Animal Shapes, Conjure Animals, Conjure Celestial, Conjure Elemental, Conjure Fey, Conjure Minor Elementals, Conjure Woodland Beings, Find Familiar, Find Greater Steed, Find Steed, Homunculus, Illusory Dragon, Mass Polymorph, Planar Ally, Polymorph, Shapechange, Simulacrum, Summon Aberration, Summon Beast, Summon Celestial, Summon Construct, Summon Elemental, Summon Fiend, Summon Fey, Summon Greater Demon, Summon Lesser Demon, Summon Undead.
  • Magic Items - The following magic items do not exist: Boots of Levitation, Broom of Flying, Carpet of Flying, Cloak of the Bat, Dancing Sword, Helm of Teleportation, Potion of Flying, Potion of Gaseous Form, Qual's Feather Token (bird), Ring of Jumping, Ring of Telekinesis, Rope of Climbing, Wand of Polymorph, WInged Boots, Wings of Flying
  • Vertical Stabilization - Some spells which rely on vertical position stabilization are easier: Featherfall and Tensor's Floating Disk are both also cantrips as well as first level spells, and may be chosen as one of their cantrips by any spell caster that can use cantrips. All spell casters have access to feather fall as a first level spell, and it is always prepared.
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