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General Race Overview[edit]

It has been stated that the Moogle race began with a single species, the Cait Sidhe (Pronounced as the "Cait Shee," as in Banshee,' [Original Moogles]). Born from a combination of magic and natural forces, possibly ordained by an unknown god or numbers of gods of nature. A very gifted race, Moogles have been thought to have been favored by the gods of nature, being allowed the ability of magic, an affinity to nature, sentience, and being allowed to not have to pay homage to any god or ruler. While the Moogle race was slow to follow the path of the other races in terms of civility, due to their affinity to nature, they naturally followed their progress relatively quickly, catching up in a mere 100 years. During this time, the core Cait Sidhe ventured into other, more chaotic lands. This, in turn led to the "Halcyon" event, the Divine Winds. Created by the unknown gods of nature, out of their decision that the Moogles should be a combination of both civilization, magic, and nature. Whereupon this decision, strange events began to occur 50 years ago.

After the Halcyon, the Moogles of the Large Island of Vvardenfell were surprised when their kin gave birth to a new breed of Moogle, which are now called the “MacHall Moogles,” (The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind “Mog-Mod) after the Chapel in which hosted the Diet of Hyukoden in order to speak about this event, was named.

Within the Crystal Inlets, the Cait Sidhe Moogles there were too surprised by a new breed, which were called the Ivalician Moogles (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) after the Capital of those islands was named for.

On the Plains of Mainland Nyorai, the Cait Sidhe were also surprised by another breed borne from this natural chaos, the Sylvan Moogles (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles).

While the Cait Sidhe still live in great numbers, the other races breed true.

All this came after their first contact with the mainland Races.

While the Moogle Races have met the others, they still are an unknown species, as no one has really visited any Major Moogle territories; the Moogles that have been scene by the populace are mostly travelers, adventurers seeking to see these new lands that have been discovered. It has been currently 50 years after the Halcyon and the first Contact with the Moogle Races has occurred.

The MacHall Moogles[edit]

Another image of a MacHall Moogle


  • also called “Moguri,” “Mogli,” combo of the words “mogura” (Mole) and “Koumori,” (Bat).
  • Fey type of creature
  • 'Usually' good Natured
  • More of the “Cat-Like” creatures than the other Moogles.
  • Tallest of the Moogles, about the height between an Elf and a Dwarf.
  • From Vvardenfall, nearby the Kingdom of the Moogles, a provincial Island of Morrowind.
  • not much is known about Vvardenfall.
  • The MacHall Moogles evolved separately from the Cait Sidhe and the Ivalician Moogles.
  • The other 3 Moogle types were found on two other islands,

Last Notes:

  • Japan-like society/culture, w/ large European Influences (Vvardenfell, etc), Similar to Modern Japan
  • More in D&D Universe, craftwise
  • European medieval society-like
  • More Internationally connected


The MacHall, Vvardenfell, or High Moogles (Moogles are also called ‘Moguri,’ ‘Mogli,’ or any combination of the words ‘Mogura’ (mole), and ‘Koumori’ (bat).) are a race of anthropomorphic bipeds, similar to kenku, but evolved from the original Cait Sidhe Moogles. They have the combined appearance of a canine, feline, mole, humanoid, and the wings of a bat, and are about between the size of a dwarf and an elf. As of their more hardened existence in the wild islands of Vvardenfell, MacHall Moogles are the more serious of the Moogle races, but are also friendly to those that prove themselves to not be enemies. They are more tactically clever than the other Moogle race, and also are more survivalist than the others, and thus are more wanting to get the task at hand done, and reap the benefits of their just rewards.


MacHall Moogles are wary of giving their trust to anyone through the society of Vvardenfell. However, they are loyal comrades to those who earn their trust, which is a bit of a task in itself. They fight with the tenacity of 5 dwarfs, and the skill of 6 elves, feeling that their survival and continued natural life should be enough of a reason to do so. Things that give unnecessary risk or cost of life are something to be avoided in MacHall Moogle society. They do usually have a sense of honor, but are practical, not dumb. They try to get the best gear for the task at hand, and regard with large suspicion to anyone who seems to want to cause them harm. Above all, they usually value things that will help bring continued survival of their person. MacHall Moogles, unusually, do not say, “Kupo!” as much, preferring to speak clearly and without frivolity. They just want their message to be heard, pure and simple. While it seems that the MacHall Moogles are a race of prudes, without any sense of humor or knowledge of when not to be serious, they are surprisingly quick and effective at becoming more lighthearted on a moments notice, and try to allow some backlaidness whenever possible.

Physical Description[edit]

A male MacHall Moogle stands on average about 4’ 1”, and a female at about 4”. Males, on average, weigh about 93 lb, with the females weighing about 85 lbs. They have a humanoid biped body structure, but have the features of a canine, feline, mole, and wings of a bat. On top of their forehead, they have a light bulb-colored bon-bon attached via a hard-to-see black antenna-like stem, which can be turned on or off at will, thought it does glow somewhat when light is passing through or reflecting off it unactivated.

MacHall Moogles are covered in fur, from head to tail, and have cat-like ears. Their hands and feet are a combination of canine and feline paws, with a pinkish padding on the inside soles. Their hands are a combination of humanoid and canine/feline features, with 3 opposable fingers and 1 thumb. They are more humanoid in shape, but seem to be thinner than an average dwarf or humanoid. Their feet are jointed, similar to the back legs of a canine, and look similar to cat’s paws. They have a hybrid Cat/Mole nose, and have an unusuable small tail. MacHall Moogle fur tones usually range from light gray to snow white, though there are cases of other colors, even black, green, blue, and even striped or particular patterns, such as camouflage as a very rare last. Their eyes are usually of a dark color, though they can have lighter ones. Unusually, for a race with fur, MacHall Moogles can have the fur on top of their head grow out, making the equivalent of Hair on a humanoid. Some moogles choose to do so, while others choose to go without modifying their 'head-fur.' (Look at the werewolf in the MM, see how she still has long hair? Kind of like that)

Though there are little differences between Moogles in general due to little difference between races, female MacHall Moogles usually are a more different than other Moogle females, being a tiny more lithe than the male MacHall Moogle, and have slightly duller fur tones. The spots are mostly on the sides of the jaws of the face and neck, which meet on the chest and shoulders, going down to the back of the hands, and going from the torso down to the upper leg in a line. The underside of the arms, the sides of the upper and lower torso are brighter colored than the main parts, and do not usually have spots. The spots aren’t as definite, being sometimes more like brownish-grey tone changes instead of actual spots, and aren’t as clear cut like a Cheetah’s or leopards; spot colors can range as fur colors, but are almost never of an unusual pattern like the main fur tones can be. The stem of the bonbon is almost always black, with very little variation. Normally, MacHall Moogles try to wear armor that is practical, but can be whatever strikes their fancy.

They normally don’t wear pants, as they have fur, but do know the use of armor and clothing in more severe conditions is vital to surviving in cold or hot weather.

From numerous reports by people who have seen a MacHall Moogle, their fur has the texture and feel of a combination of wolf, sable (Siberian Squirrel fur), cat, and maybe some mink. Some male MacHall Moogles have been reported to have a "furbeard," or excess fur in the facial hair region of their face that makes them look like they have a beard.


MacHall Moogles and their kin get along well, thought the more carefree personality of the Cait Sidhe do sometimes clash. Elves, humans, and dwarves, are usually easy for MacHall Moogles to get along with. Halflings, Kenku, and Gnomes are a little harder for them to tolerate, as they are wary of being taken advantage of, through stories from the Cait Sidhe and personal encounters with such races. It is not advisable to hunt Moogles for their fur, as doing so provokes an extremely aggressive response, which is centered on the assailent. The Hunter often then finds himself to be hunted by an extremely aggressive, tactical, and dangerous foe (ONE. ******. MOOGLE...)


MacHall Moogles are usually neutral or good, with a tendency to not be lawful, as being so isn’t practical because of its conformity and unwaverability. However, it’s uncommon, not rare, that lawful, even evil, MacHall Moogles exist; though it is rarer to see a MacHall Moogle to be more evil than just Neutral evil. Normally they are neutral good or true neutral.

MacHall Moogle Lands[edit]

MacHall Moogles hail from Vvardenfell, an island on the sea of Fairth. They usually live in small towns or large cities, nothing really in between. Their structures are a combination of European architecture, but with many influences from Asian style culture. Since of their recent arrival to the lands of Greyhawk (or any similar Campaign world), MacHall Moogles, (Like the Warforged), are relative newcomers, only known by the few who met them by the 2 years that they have been sighted. No one yet has ever really ventured into those MacHall Moogle lands, any have only heard of them by the few stories or bits of information given by MacHall Moogle travelers… (From what few words has been spoken, Moogle Lands are a smaller version of the Asiatic region of the Earth [China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Etc], but with more Forests instead of Jungles).


MacHall Moogles have only a tiny part of their lives dedicated to religion, and usually hail those gods that will help them succeed the most in their life.


Moogles speak with multilingual excellance in both Kupo, their native tongue, and Sylvan. Most have been known to easily master the ability to speak Elven or Common with almost supernatural skill. Their main language is Karayo(-Kupo), which has its own scrip(Writing System), also called Karayo.


Moogle names tend to be short and almost always include the letters M and O in the name. Most names have the word "Mog" in them somewhere. However, For MacHall Moogles, names with some elegance or flair can and do have some offshoots. Because MacHall Moogles are so new, they do sometimes take names from other races, most notably ones that have a bit of natural style and flair, not some over-gruff and ogre-like names. They like their names to be more or less “finessy,” not liking names that are too sweet, like “Starrflowerr,” or “Krusk,” but ones like “Ren,” or “Fenris.”

Male/Female Names[edit]

Artemecion, Atla, Chimomo (f), Deus(m), Mogli, Gumo, Kumool(m), Kupo(m), Marche, Mene, Mimoja(f), Mocchi, Mocha(m), Mog(m), Mogarana(f), Mogki,Mogles, Moglianna(f), Mogmatt, Mogme(f), Mogmi, Grimo, Mogrich, Mogrika(f), Mogryo, Mogsam(m), Mogtaka, Moguom Moguta, Mois, Mojito(m), Momatose, Monev, Monteblanc(m), Moodon, Mooel, Moogly(m), Moolan, Moonte, Moorock, Mootock, Mopli, Morrison, Mosco, Mosh, Moss(m), Mozme, Noggy,Nono(m), Quina, Ralph(m), Ren(m), Stilzkin, Suzuna, Monty, Nanza, Serino, Lini.

Racial Traits (Revised)[edit]

Racial Traits: +2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Cha, -4 Str. MacHall Moogles are nimble and physically tough, along with having a charismatic and nice attitude (Not to mention being Kawaii!). However, MacHall Moogles aren’t that physically suited to hard, strenuous labor.

  • Monstrous Humanoid type
  • Medium Size: As Medium-Sized Creatures, MacHall Moogles do not have any special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • MacHall Moogle base speed is 40 feet.
  • Lowlight vision (Ex): MacHall Moogles can see twice as far as a human in Starlight, moonlight, similar conditions of poor illumination. MacHall Moogles retain the ability to distinguish color and detail in such conditions.

Unusual Humanoid Traits[edit]

  • MacHall Moogles have a -4 to disguise themselves when impersonating other races. Due to having a distinct shape and wings, they have a much harder time pretending to be a member of another race.
  • MacHall Moogles must have their gloves and boots be unusually made, since they do not have typical hands or feet. Everything else can be requisitioned normally as humanoid gear.

  • MacHall Moogles also have a +2 racial bonus on survival checks in cold weather, and do not require additional clothing outdoors except in severe conditions due to their fur. They are also proficient in surviving in such conditions, and make good trackers.

(If the Player is using Frostburn and Sandstorm rules, MacHall Moogles have a Base Level of Protection of 1 to cold weather, but can grow extra fur over the course of 1d6 days, increasing the level of protection to level 2. If a MacHall Moogle does so, they are considered wearing heavy clothing for the purposes of Heat Dangers [-4 penalties on Fort. saves to resist heat dangers]. Doing so increases the amount of food intake required by 10% while the Moogle is growing fur. To get rid of the fur, the Moogle must shed the fur, which takes about 1d4+3 days. The character is shedding like a cat, and reportedly "Looks funny" while doing so.)

Bonbon Traits[edit]

  • Bonbon (Su): The ball over a moogle's head is one of its most defining characteristics. Ask a Moogle what it's for, and he'll usually say "It just looks good!" Indeed, by all appearances it seems to serve no purpose; it is not an organ, nor does it house one, and it does not allow the Moogle added scent or hearing the way an insect's antennae do. Despite this apparent lack of function, a Moogle is highly dependant on his bonbon. If it is cut off or removed in any way, the Moogle will descend immediately into a state of depression. This happens because a moogle's bonbon serves as a sort of radio antenna, connecting the Moogle unconsciously with all other Moogles on the same plane of existence. This connection is something of a necessity; it controls the Moogle population by shutting down the mating urge when there are many Moogles, and boosting it when the population gets low. Without this the Moogle population would explode, since they do not die easily and have so few natural enemies. The Moogles themselves are completely unaware of this connection consciously, but they notice when it's gone. When the bonbon is removed, the Moogle suddenly feels utterly alone, having lost the connection with its fellows. The Moogle will feel better if he can reattach the bonbon, which can be done by holding the severed ends of the stem together for at least 2 minutes. If the bonbon is not reattached, it will grow back on its own, good as new, over the course of a week. At the end of the first half of the week, the bonbon itself starts to regrow, easing the moogle's mind slightly until the bonbon grows back completely. A MacHall Moogle's bonbon, can also be used as a source of light by which they can see. A MacHall Moogles Bonbon is an apparatus that can create a Spell-Like Ability similar to Dancing lights. There is an extra light that it can create (the one inside the bonbon) that is slightly more powerful, being able to be lit for a number of hours. The Moogle can turn this on or off at will, though it still glows slightly if sunlight or another source of light hits it when it is off. Lastly, if a Dispel Magic spell is cast, the bonbon turns starts to flicker before completely going out.

To sever a bonbon, an opponent must make a successful sunder attempt on the bonbon. When severed, a natural reflex seals the antenna shut to prevent any blood loss or further damage to the nerve structure as well as applying anesthesia, which soothes the cut nerve ending in the antenna after about 2 seconds after a successful sunder. The severed antenna opens up when the other part of the bonbon comes near to reestablish the connection, ending the anesthesia effect once the full re-connection is done.

  • To sever make a successful sunder attack
  • AC = 10 + bonbon's size + moogle's dex
  • Bonbon is diminutive when moogle is medium, (-3 characters size), and changes size with moogle
  • Bonbon's HP equals 1/6 characters max
  • When severed, character takes damage equal to bonbon's max HP and takes -2 on all actions akin to a crushing despair spell and access to spell-like abilities is lost until reattached or regrown
  • Can be reattached in 2 minutes or regrown over a week. After the first half of the week when regrowing, -2 lowers to -1, then to zero when fully grown
  • Bonbon is turned on and off at will as a free action. Glows for 1/2 character level hours, minimum one hour, and gives as much light as a torch
    • Can be suppressed with dispel magic. When done, flickers for 1 round before going out completely for 1d4 minutes

Wing Traits[edit]

  • Gliding (Ex): A MacHall Moogle can use her wings to glide, negating 1/2 damage from a fall of any height and allowing 20 ft of forward movement for every 5 feet of decent. MacHall Moogles glide at a speed of 40 feet (average maneuverability). Even if a MacHall Moogles maneuverability improves, she can't hover while gliding. A MacHall Moogle can fly with a Medium or heavy load, by the rate of forward movement is decreased by 10 feet. If a MacHall Moogle becomes unconscious or helpless while in midair, her wings naturally unfurl and the ligaments stiffen the wings. The MacHall Moogle descends in a light Corkscrew and takes 1d4 points of falling damage, along with 1/3 of the damage from the fall. If the MacHall Moogle was carrying a medium or heavy load, then the damage is increased by 1 Die per size. (2d4 =Medium, 3d4 = heavy). If a MacHall Moogle is carrying a medium or heavy load and falls when not unconscious or helpless, they still take the damage as if they were; the only exception is when they are with a light load and are not unconcious, or helpless. If a MacHall Moogles' wings are bound by any means when they are unconscious or helpless, they take a Str. Check with a +2 bonus to break their bonds. A MacHall Moogle cannot conciously do this, however.
  • Flight (Ex): When a MacHall Moogle reaches 7 HD, she becomes able to fly at a speed of 50 ft (good Maneuverability). A MacHall Moogle cannot fly while fatigued or exhausted. MacHall Moogles can safely fly for a number of rounds equal to their constitution modifier (minimum= 1 round). A MacHall Moogle is able to go further, provided that they take a constitution check with a DC of 10+1 for each previous check every round, due to the large amounts of exertion needed for them to fly. They cannot take 10 or 20 when doing so. MacHall Moogles are likewise fatigued after spending a total of more than 10 Minutes per day flying. Because MacHall Moogles can glide before, after, and during rounds of actual flight, they can remain aloft for extended periods (even if they can only use flight for 1 round at a time without becoming fatigued).

When they reach 9 HD, MacHall Moogles have enough Stamina and endurance to fly for longer periods. They can fly at a speed of 60 ft. (good Maneuverability), and flying requires no more exertion than walking or running. MacHall Moogles, due to their wings and strong leg muscles, can make an aggressive leap through the air at an opponent. Making a leap attack requires a 10 ft. running start in a straight path. In a round that a MacHall Moogle makes a leap attack it gains a +2 bonus to its attack rolls and a -2 penalty to its armor class (as though it had charged the opponent it had leaped upon). Creatures struck by a leap attack must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + the MacHall Moogles Base Attack Bonus + Defenders Size Modifier)) or be knocked prone. --Thank you Sulerain! ( Note: The MacHall Moogles must have the Flyer Feat in order to have this capacity to fly.

Health Traits[edit]

  • Timeless Body (Ex): A MacHall Moogle cannot have any penalties of aging upon them, and cannot be magically aged (this is the effects of the Druid ability of Timeless Body (Ex), Pg. 37(?) of the PHB). They cannot actually be of a middle, old, or venerable state, but they still die when their time is up, when the Fey Goddess decrees so.
  • Resistance to Disease (Ex): A mighty Immune system gives a +1 racial bonus to fend off extraordinary diseases.
  • Magic Resistance (Ex): MacHall Moogles have a +3 bonus to saves against all spells and spell-like abilties, due to their affinity with magic.

Natural traits[edit]

  • A MacHall Moogle can take Monster feats due to their affinity with nature, though they still must be able to meet the prerequisites.
  • MacHall Moogles have a +1 Natural Armor bonus due to their thick fur.


  • Magic Affinity (Ex): MacHall Moogles have a +2 Racial Bonuses to the DC of spells that the character casts of that School. This stacks with Spell focus and Wizard school specialization
  • Spell-Like abilities (Sp): MacHall Moogles have Spell-like abilities depending on their hit dice, as indicated on the table below. The abilities are cumulative. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is useable once per day. Caster Level equals the creatures HD, and the Save DC is Charisma-based. If the Moogle Looses their bonbon, they do not get to be able to use their spells until it has been replaced back or grown back.
 Spell-Like Abilities (Unless noted, spell works 1/day)
 HD	Ability

 1-2	Dancing Lights (At Will), Identify, Flare (3/day), Magic Fang
 3-4	Detect Magic (4/day)
 5-6	Read Magic
  • Dancing Lights Note: (at will, but with +1 extra light and is lightable for a number of hours equal to half the moogles HD(Minimum 1 hour, round up), but has to wait 1d4 hours to recharge; if affected by dispel magic, all other dancing lights disappear and bonbon turns from white to purple, even if not being used. It then slowly dies out for 1 minute, ending altogether after that time.)

  • Monstrous Humanoid Levels: MacHall Moogles start with 1 level of Monstrous Humanoid, which provides 1d8 HD, a BaB of +1, and the Base Save Bonuses of Fort. +0, Refl. +2, and will +2. They gain skill points equal to 4 x (2+Intelligence Modifier). This, however, and unlike typical Monstrous Humanoids, can be exchanged for an NPC or PC class, effectively losing the features of that Racial HitDie level in exchange for that class level. If this is chosen, they must take all the features of the class and take out the level of Monstrous Humanoid.

  • Automatic Languages: Karayo(-Kupo) and Sylvan;
  • Bonus Languages: Common and any humanoid language that are not of a secret society.
  • Favored Classes: Sorcerer, Ranger, Rogue, or Druid. A Multiclass MacHall Moogle may choose any of these classes as their favored class. Once they have chosen their favored class, they many not change which one is favored, they may only have one of these choices. (I'm keeping this, because MacHall Moogles are nearly as versatile as humans)
  • Level Adjustment: +2

Bonus Feats[edit]

  • Flyer (Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites: Endurance, 9th level, 1 Monstrous Humanoid Level
    • Benefits:When they reach 9 HD, MacHall Moogles have enough Stamina and endurance to fly for longer periods. They can fly at a speed of 60 ft. (good Maneuverability), and flying requires no more exertion than walking or running. A MacHall Moogle with flight can make a Dive attack MacHall Moogles, due to their wings and strong leg muscles, can make an aggressive leap through the air at an opponent. Making a leap attack requires a 10 ft. running start in a straight path. In a round that a MacHall Moogle makes a leap attack it gains a +2 bonus to its attack rolls and a -2 penalty to its armor class (as though it had charged the opponent it leap attacked). Creatures struck by a leap attack must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + the MacHall Moogles' Base Attack Bonus + Defenders Size Modifier)) or be knocked prone. Thank you Sulerin (
    • Normal: MacHall Moogles can only fly when at 5HD, and cannot fly while exhausted or fatigued. They Can only fly for a certain number of rounds (see the Flight Section), and fly only at 50 ft/round.
  • Touch of the Forest-Self (Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:
  • Music Son (Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:
  • Touch of the Knight (Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites: +1 Bab, 13 Con.
    • Benefits:
  • Natural Attacker (Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites: Str 15, Improved Unarmed Attack, 2 weapon fighting, 1 Monstrous Humanoid Level
    • Benefits:
  • Mog Mage (Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:
  • Touch of the Feral Self(Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:
  • Bon-bon Defense(Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:
  • Touching the Moogle Soul(Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:
  • Touch of the Magic Souls(Racial, MacHall Moogle):
    • Prerequisites:
    • Benefits:

Extra Things[edit]

Random Adult (Late Teenage) Heights
Base Height Height Modifier Min./Max./Avg. Random
MacHall Moogle (F) 3'7" (43") +2d5 3'9"/4'5"/4'1"
MacHall Moogle (M) 3'8" (44") +2d5 3'10"/4'6"/4'2"
Random Adult (Late Teenage) Weights
Base Weight Weight Modifier Min./Max./Avg. Random Weight
MacHall Moogle (F) 67 lb. x1d4 69 lb./109 lb./84 lb.
MacHall Moogle (M) 75 lb. x1d4 77 lb./115 lb./90 lb.
MacHall Moogle Random Height/Weight Generator

Age Categories for a MacHall Moogle:

Age Categories of Aging effects for a MacHall Moogle

Race                   Middle Age       Old age	   Venerable Age	        Maximum Age
MacHall Moogle	      160 years       242 years	     320 years            +4d% years

Notes on the above table:


MacHall Moogles, while having age, do not actually become Middle, Old, or Venerable. When they reach the age of Middle, old, or Venerable, they are not considered such in the way of effects, just in age amount. They are physically reach adulthood and stay there, until their death after the Fey Goddess decrees that it is their time.

Random Adventurer Starting ages

Random Starting ages for a MacHall Moogle
Race	        Adulthood     Barbarian    Bard       Cleric
                               Rogue        Fighter    Druid
                               Sorcerer     Paladin    Monk
                                            Ranger     Wizard
MacHall Moogle    40 years      +3d6        +6d6       +8d6

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