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Alignment. Chaotic neutral
Domains. Lust
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

  • This "kid" is quite scandalis, usually acting lustful. He sometimes has interacted with Avia
  • He's usually floating around urban cities and places with high population counts.
  • He usually has bright pink, short cut hair and pasty white skin. He is of a lean stature. He looks feminine, usually being called a Femboy. He stands about 5' 9" and sports two ibes-like horns.
  • He usually isn't shown in stories or talked about much. He appears in a few stories of helping living beings which have traveled to the underworld.
  • People who worship him usually give him goat bodies, Mollusks, or Poisonous herbs. His altars are likely to be in people's home, they usually are three to four trunk slabs stack on one another covered with a black or pink table cloth. on the cloth is a black or white marble slab.
  • One story is of him helping a famous warrior slay a three headed gleeok.
  • He has shown appreciation for mollusks such as squids. His weapon is a small, thin, lance-like dagger. He can be seen wearing either pink or white.


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