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Ring, legendary (requires attunement)

The ring was said to have been made by the order of a great hero at the peak of his power. The ring bears a symbol of a man in plate armor over a crystal gem. He was said to have fought some of the most powerful opponents unflinchingly with guardians watching over him.

Magical Boost- While attuned to the ring, your weapon attacks deal an additional 1d4 force damage.

Spells- The ring has 10 charges, and recovers 1d6 + 1 charges at dawn. Your spellcasting modifier for these spells is Intelligence.

Magic Beam As an action, you can use two charges to shoot a purple beam with a width of 5 feet and length 50 feet. Every creature in the beam must make a DC 14 Strength saving throw. On a failed saving throw, they take 4d6 force damage or half as much on a successful save.

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