Lingering Injuries and Massive Damage (5e Variant Rule)

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Lingering Injury[edit]

Roll a d20 when a player hits 0 Hp or is effected by the massive damage effects. Effects can be healed by spending a week of low level healing spells or a level 6 or greater healing spell.

1: lose a leg- Your speed is halved and you need crutch/prosthetic to move, disadvantage on checks to balance, and follow prone after dashing. 1d6 hemorrhaging and remain prone until fixed.

2: Lose an arm- You suffer 1d6 hemorrhaging damage until fixed.

3: Lose an eye- You have disadvantage on Perception checks that rely on sight and ranged attacks

4-5: Internal Injury- Make a DC 15 Con save or lose your action and reaction

6-7: Fractured ribs- Make a DC 11 Con save or lose your action

8-10: Broken arm- You have disadvantage on attack rolls that require two hands and strength checks/saves

11-13: Limp- You lose 10ft and after dashing make a DC 11 Dex save or fall prone.

14-16: Horrible Scar- You take 1d4 hemorrhaging for 1d4+2 rounds.

17-20: Minor Scar- You take 1 hemorrhaging for 1d4+2 rounds. Nat 20 you only take 1 point of damage.


Blood loss, can be healed by 15 points of healing or if it’s an external injury 15 points of Fire/Acid/Cold damage


If not fixed by a level 6 healing spell or higher every day for a week the victim must make a Con save or their wound becomes infected. Lost appendage DC 14, horrible scar DC 10. An infected player becomes poisoned and takes 2d4 poison damage and their HP max drops by 1 every hour. This can be cured by a lesser restoration or a DC 15 Medicine check to amputate. Once cured the player must proceed with the Con save for the remaining week.

Massive Damage:[edit]

If damage taken =1/2 HP max. Or Nat 1 on a save, DC 16 con save. If they fail the save they can roll d100 and consult the table.

100-95: Major Injury- Roll a lingering injury with disadvantage

94-81: Lingering injury- Roll a lingering injury

80-67: Knock out- Unconscious for 1d4+1 rounds. Creature can spend their action to have try and wake them.

66-54: System Shock- You become stunned. DC 16 Con Save

53-40: Concussion- Blind or Deafened. DC 16 Con Save.

39-26: Strained leg- Lose 20ft of speed. Medicine DC 10, 13, 16: 15, 10, 5ft then cured at the end of the round after 5ft

25-13: Dislocated Shoulder- Disadvantage on attack/checks involving injured arm. DC 16 Str. Check

12-1:Terror- You become paralyzed for one round. The following round you are frightened of the opponent and may make a DC 16 Wis. Save

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