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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Nature
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Lily's Life Story[edit]

Lily was the shortest of Etheria's quadruplets, and as such would get teased as a child. She'd laugh with her sisters, enjoying a good joke, but sometimes, Kerra would go too far and get a plant to the face. Lily and her sister Lilith used to train together, ordered nature training against the chaotic Wild, and it always ended in a draw. Whenever Lilith got stronger, Lily was there to meet her, learning a new spell, a new combo, or just being faster or smarter. She helped in Kerra's studies before their father, the Shadow, corrupted her and turned her to lies instead of the pursuit of understanding. Now, Lily governs over the Nature domain, a soft hand in the forests that keeps the hunters safe.

Lily's Family Life[edit]

Lily is a very good daughter and a fun sister, always planning something for her sisters. She's a sort of energetic woman, going from Elysium to Hades and everywhere in between in a single day. She often used her clerics to convey messages to her family, giving them a message for her mother and father, then she'd open a portal for them. Though she gave them messages through her clerics, her family has never found any problem with it as it is a very difficult thing to control all of nature.

Lily's Clerics[edit]

Lily's clerics are often used to pass messages between herself and her family, sending them to Limbo to reach Kerra, the Beastlands to find Lilith, Elysium to locate her mother, or Hades to communicate with her father. Other than that, Lily's clerics are a very gentle group, always looking for the diplomatic solution as opposed to the sword and shield. A lot of them may look like druids to some as they prefer to use weapons from nature's bounty to honor their goddess. Lily's favorite spell that her clerics try to emulate is fog cloud, and almost all of them hold a quarterstaff. Lily loves horses and the color green, so horseback riding is her favorite pastime.

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