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Alignment. Chaotic Nuetral
Domains. Wild
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Lilith's Life Story[edit]

A long time ago, a goddess named Etheria had 4 children, one of them being Lilith. Lilith was a chaotic rule-breaker from the start, never wanting to follow any rules hat were set for her, even if it caused a detriment to herself or someone close to her. As a child, all she looked for was something to tickle her funny bone, looking for anything anywhere to make her smile. Her mom tried to keep her away from her dad, the Shadow, though it never truly worked. Lilith and her father would wander the Material Plane or Shadowfell, laughing together and casting spells together. Now, she is the goddess of the Wild, the chaotic version of nature.

Lilith's Family Life[edit]

Lilith is on very good terms with her mother and her father, despite the fact that she had chosen to stay in the Material Realm rather than Elysium or Hades. Her sister, Lily, claims to have caught her in the Beastlands, talking to the beasts there, then returning to the Material Realm, playing with plants and animals and mortals alike. Lilith talks with her sisters frequently, her parents less often, but still often. She retained the knowledge her mother taught her about morals and the magic her father taught her to protect herself. Nowadays, anywhere the forests don't act right or the laws of physics seem to turned on their head is where you can find Lilith.

Lilith's Clerics[edit]

Lilith's clerics are few and far between, either screaming her praise on the rooftops or fighting in the background for her. There is no in between. Lilith's clerics are often raring for battle, refusing to find the gentle side of things unless specifically forced to by people around them or Lilith herself, which she only does when they are dealing with her sister's, Lily's, clerics. Lilith adores the spell barkskin, even tries her best to teach it to her clerics. Her favored weapon is the dagger, giving her enemies a fair fight while not being too close to them. Incidentally, her mother has the same favored weapon. She loves any color that resembles chaos... so any poorly-mixed mixture of colors that clash against each other. Her favored creature is any elemental, as long as they're completely out of control.

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