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Alignment. NG
Domains. One or two from this list: Life, Love, Light
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Libra is actually two gods that are combined into one. They are the embodiment of two lovers that are so entwined they have become one.

They were not always gods, in fact both of them started as mortal beings. Their mortal names were Oskar and Arenah. Oskar was a 1/2 orc and Arenah was a Assimar. They grew up in a small village together and were childhood friends since they were babies. As they grew Oskar began to have feelings for Arenah (who was the most beautiful woman in the land) but he didn't feel he was worthy. Arenah felt the same about Oskar, but she was to be given to a wealthy King on her 18th Birthday. When Oskar turned 15 he left the village to seek out fame and fortune so he could come back and be "worthy" of Arenah. When he left it broke Arenah's heart.

A year later Arenah received word that Oskar had died and she fell into a deep depression. On her 18th Birthday the rich King came and took her. He was a foul man who cared little for her or his subjects. He treated Arenah horribly and would often force himself on her when she refused to lie with him. She tried to take her own life, but the kings men stopped her and locked her in the dungeon. In the dark chasm of her imprisonment the Goddess Sune` came to her. She promised to protect Arenah if Arenah would protect those that the King and others like him would harm. Arenah promised this to Sune` and became one of her clerics in secret. Soon after the king let her out of the dungeon and she began to work to make the lives of the people in the kingdom better. She began to train in secret, learning martial arts and weapons. The king became more and more cruel and one night when he tried to force himself onto her once again, she fought back and accidentally killed him by kicking him out a window that was high in his castle. Worried that she would be blamed she ran.

She took her role as the Cleric of Sune` very seriously. She changed her name to Deni and traveled the land healing the sick and stopping those that would bring harm to innocents. She began to be known in the lands as a sort of mythical folk hero. This brought her to the attention of a particular aspiring Lich who wanted to use her and her connection to Sune` to pervert the Goddess's power and gain godhood. He captured her and took her to his lair. Each day he would drain a little of her life essence and everyday she would fall deeper and deeper into herself. Soon she could no longer feel the love of Sune` and she felt her life was nearing an end.

Then one day she had a vision of Oskar. In the vision he was standing beside her as they fought the Lich. She saw in his eyes the same fire that she always had seen, but there was also something else. Due to her connection with Sune` she finally knew what true love was, and in his eyes she saw that love reflected back at her. He loved her, he always loved her and she realized just how much she had loved him in return. Her heart swelled with love until she remembered he was dead. That image of Oskar though kept her going long after she thought she could no longer go on.

A year after the vision the Lich came to her one more time and took her out of her cell and lead her to a temple. She was so weak she could not fight back, she simply floated along, held aloft by the magic of the Lich. When he got to his chamber he set her down on a alter and began casting the spell. Through barely opened eyes she could see the jars of life essence that the lich had been draining from her over the past couple of years. She tried to will herself up to stop him, but it was too late. She slipped into a darkness.

She was brought back to consciousness by the sounds of battle. She slowly opened her eyes and there standing over her was the vision of Oskar. She was sure it was just her mind reliving that vision until he reached out and touched her. She suddenly felt not only stronger, but she felt the love she only felt when she was one with Sune`. She felt the love that poured out of him and into her. She suddenly felt a jolt of energy and as she looked at Oskar she noticed the look of shock on his face as a glow began to emanate out of their chests. Oskar grabbed her and gave her the deepest kiss she had ever felt, there was a lifetime of love and passion poured into that kiss. As they pulled away Arenah was shocked and horrified to see a hand burst of Oskar's chest and pull his heart out through his back. There standing behind him was the Lich who just ripped the heart out of his chest. Arenah screamed and tried to attack the Lich who battered her aside in a moment severing her artery. She lay on the ground bleeding out and her eyes locked on Oskar. She prayed to Sune` one more time to give her the strength to heal Oskar by giving him her heart. The voice of Sune` came to her. "I cannot give that which has already been given. Your heart always belonged to him and his to you. When he died many deities came to him and offered him power or glory, he turned all down. He then came to me and said he would serve me and be my champion if I would promise to keep you safe. I had never felt such love before in a mortal. I wept at his plea and I granted him his request. I came to you in your cell and I have tried to protect you, but when the lich took you I was blinded to where you were. I gave Oskar the ability to see you one time and it weakened me so much that I have not been able to come to you when you needed me most. When I could not come to you I sent him to find you. He has searched the land, never resting until he found you. You are both weak because you are two halves of a whole. I will make you one."

With that the two bodies of Oskar and Arenah merged into one being and emitted a holy and beautiful light so powerful that it dissolved the Lich and destroyed his temple. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, not even magical energy so when the Lich died, his spell transferred to Oskar and Arenah who became a new god and called itself Libra. They then left the material plane and made their residence in the Blessed Fields of Elysium. There they find those who's love for another transcends time and space and makes them their Clerics and Paladins.


The symbol of Libra is A Green Heart inside of a Red Heart.

The worshipers of Libra are those that believe in love. They believe that love is the most powerful thing a mortal can have and they are filled with love in return from their Deity.

Libra does not have any temples. Worshipers of Libra worship in the home or on the road with loved ones.

Spells: "Eternal Sacrifice". A Cleric or Paladin of Libra can give all of their hit points to someone who they are in love with. Once they do this they cannot be healed or revived by any magic or potions. The player who received the hit points can however try to bring them back by praying to Libra. They must ROLEPLAY (this is very important. They must ROLEPLAY) their plea to Libra and convince Libra to bring them back to life. It is up to the DM's discretion if it is sufficient. If the DM does deem it a worthy plea the character who made the sacrifice is brought back to life and they are Soul-Bonded to the other player.

Soul_Bond: Two Charaters are connected to such a degree that if one of them dies, so does the other. (This does not mean if they go unconscious), if a player fails all of their death saving throws, then the other player they are soul bonded to will also instantly die as of they too failed all of their death saving throws. Once this happens, neither character can be revived by any means. This can be used as a starting option for character creation.

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