Lexicanum Botanica (5e Trap)

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Lexicanum Botanica (Trap)[edit]

Trap Type: Magical.

This leather-bound tome sits inconspicuously amidst a field of books upon a bookshelf. It has the symbol of a tree drawn upon its front face. It emits a distinct and unmistakeable pine smell out to a range of 120 feet.

Any creature that moves within 30 feet of the lexicanum botanica, or starts its turn within that distance, must make a DC(19) Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the creature is polymorphed into an awakened shrub for 1d4 + 7 days. It may make the saving throw again every 24 hours, ending the effect on a success.

If remove curse or a similar spell is cast on the lexicanum botanica, it ceases becoming a trap, falls directly to the floor, and becomes the wondrous item lexicanum botanica.

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