Lever Action Rifle (5e Equipment)

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Lever Action Rifle

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Lever Action Rifle 1000gp 2d8 Piercing (.44), 2d6 Piercing (.32) 10 lb. Ammunition ( range 150/600 for .44, 100/400 for .32), Capacity (15 for .44, 25 for .32), Loading, Loud, Misfire, Two-handed

A Rifle typically used by the Followers of Murlynd in replacement of their Revolver. Commonly mistaken as a piece of wood with a metal tube attached to it, this rifle is primarily chambered in the powerful yet primitive .44 Caliber Round while also being capable of chambering the weaker yet more compact .32 Caliber Round.

The small .32 caliber round is much more popular than it's powerful older brother, therefore making it cheaper to purchase and craft. The .32 caliber can be found at any Smithing Shop for 1gp a piece and weigh 0.05 lb. each.

The large .44 caliber round is expensive to purchase and craft, with good reason. This large bullet can be found at any Smithing Shop for 5gp a piece and weigh 0.1 lb. each.

Capacity: The firearm contains multiple bullets that may be fired before the weapon needs to be reloaded. When reloading, the creature may choose how many shots to load the firearm with up to its maximum capacity. Firearms with this property do not need to reload until all shots are fired. Thus, a firearm with the Capacity property may be used to make multiple attacks in a round, but may only be fired once as an action, bonus action, or reaction during the same round in which it is reloaded.

Loud: Firearms are noisy and expel a lot of powder when fired. If you are hiding, then you have disadvantage on ability checks to remain hidden or move silently while other creatures have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks to see, hear, and smell you.

Misfire: Occasionally a firearm fails to fire due to fouling or the round getting stuck. If the d20 roll is a 1 when making a ranged attack, then in addition to missing the target the firearm is considered to have misfired. You must clear the barrel using a gun kit as an action before it may be fired again (note that the cleared ammunition may be used again). If the d20 roll is a 1 and you had disadvantage on the roll, then you have cracked the barrel and the firearm is useless until repaired (requiring a day of work with a gun kit or a use of mending).

Note: This is not a Renaissance weapon, as it is based off of the Winchester Model 1872. Do not edit without consulting author.

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