Lesser Ring of Crystal Growth (5e Equipment)

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Ring, common (requires attunement)

This transparent crystal ring gently hums with energy and faintly smells of licorice. Without proper maintenance, it gradually covers the wearer's body in a thin layer of crystals, coving their hand over the course of a year, and covering their body over 20 years. This ring has 10 charges, and regains all expended charges at noon.

Lesser Crystal Growth. At will, you may speak this ring's command word to create a number of non-magical items with a cumulative value equal to the number of charges expended in gp or lower out of crystals. These items may be consumable, such as a day of rations, taking the form of easily chewable crystals with a licorice flavor. These items grow from the ring, and melt into nothingness after 1 minute.

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