Lemat Revolver (5e Equipment)

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Lemat revolver

Martial Ranged Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Lemat Revolver 635 gp 2d6 Piercing 4 lb. (Range 40/120), Ammunition, reload (9 shots), Special
Underbarrel Shotgun 2d8 Piercing (Range 20/60), Ammunition, reload (1 shot), Special

The Lemat revolver was a 9 shot pistol made in the mid 1800s, equipped with a small underbarrel shotgun. This is a real thing.

Special. When reloading the Lemat Revolver, you must use an action to reload each individual shot, instead.

Additionally, when you make an attack with the Lemat Revolver, you can use either profile, each requiring their own reload. The Revolver requires high caliber pistol bullets, and the shotgun requires shells.

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