Lefty the Legendary Bard (3.5e Deity)

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Lefty the Legendary Bard[edit]

Lesser Deity
Symbol: A blue six fingered left hand holding a lute
Home Plane: Plane of Shadow
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: bards and creeps
Clergy Alignments: any non lawful and any non good.
Domains: Goth music
Favored Weapon: Lute or goth music
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More information...

Lefty hates bright lights, happy people, and the such, so his followers kill happy people where ever they go. He is enemy of Righty, his twin brother, and destroys his happy plans when ever he can. He was born with out the emotions of Happyness or Love, so he is just an angry, sad person. This is for the Our World campaign


He wish that the world would just turn all dark and depressed, so he often convincess others to spread evil and suffering for him. He also is known to come to the material plane from time to time just to kill good aligned bards, who are abomanations in his eyes. While his church strives to defeat the church of righty, they are actually parts of a whole, the god Brogey the Chaos Painter.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His Clergy are a wide range of Freaks, but he mostly attracts bards and mages. Some of the more savage races might worship him, if introduced by another follower. His temples are mostly just road side hubs in lands of evil, and do not go into the "Damned preppy grandure" of those other temples. The only temples built with more permenent use in mind are just Cabin-ish structures that have no windows, little candles, and carry plenty of razor blades.

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