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Dragonborn’s Leandertown

Symbol: Three Dragonborn Fingers pointing up

The city of Leandertown is a Dragonborn isolationist community. The town is connected to a Zionist passion for cultural purity and rebuilding the ancient kingdom from the First Epoch.

In the First Epoch, over 5,000 years ago, the first five kingdoms to dominate the world were the Dragonborn Kingdom of Hydraseau, the Tiefling Kingdom of Chi-han-sis, the Human Empire of Umerikah, the Elven Empire of Theaven, and the Dwarven Kingdom of Dwagoold. After many generations, the kingdoms destroyed each other in a bid for dominance over each other, leaving a power vacuum.

In the First Epoch, the Dragonborn Kingdom of Hydrasaeu is in the northern-center of the land. Its capital city of Usak with a road to the city of Bursa in the west and a road along the mountains to the city of Ankara. Three hundred miles to the south west on the great river bank is the city of Izmit. Hydrasaeu fights on three fronts with Chi-han-sis (Tiefling kingdom), Theaven (Elven kingdom), and Dwagoold (Dwarven kingdom). In the Dragon Year of 1463, the Tiefling Empire defeats the Dragonborn Empire.


In 310 C.E., Sharn Goldenscale II founds the Zionist movement to reestablish the ancient Dragonborn Empire of Hydraseau and with the aid of Leander Claw leads a group of Dragonborn into the wilderness and settles the town of Leandertown in 321 C.E..


The city is a militocracy. The City of Leandertown is led by the Primary Chief, who is leader of the civil authority and the military authority and the judicial authority. The present leader is Primary Chief Akra Redscale the Chivalrous, female Dragonborn Paladin.


Leandertown has a Dragonborn population of 4,000. Dragon Keep is the permanent protective structure, a stone Castle (with Ring Wall and Catapult Towers). The Primary Chief resides in Dragon Keep. Within the Dragon Keep is the Bahamut Temple and Goldenscale Monastery. The city of Leandertown is dedicated to the Dragonborn Demigod, Bahamut (Unaligned Demigod) [symbol: dragon head profile]; the high festival day is the 1st day of Och (August) and is known as Bahamut's Och Day.

Warrior Circle: In Leandertown, there are two main warrior cicles: the general army and the knights.

The Hydrasaeu Warriors is the army of Leandertown of 480 fighting soldiers. The leader is a Cohort. Cohort Rhogar Shedinn the Undead Destroyer is the general of the Hyrasaeu Warriors.

Bahamut Knights (heavy infantry in chainmail or platemail from Warlords and Fighters and Paladins) are a Dragonborn only special-forces connected to the Dragon Keep. Lord Champion Heskan Goldenscale the Guardian is the leader of the Bahamut Knights.

Temple/Worship: The Bahamut Temple (with 10+ clerics) and Goldenscale Monastery (with 10+ clerics) shares the landscape with the Dragon Keep. Arjhan Stop the Devoted is the High Priest of Bahamut overseeing the Temple and Monastery.

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