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Armor (shield), Uncommon

This large rectangular black shield is made up of multiple overlapping panels, with runes carved into the backside.

Le Roc is a shield capable of expanding up to twice its size to offer its wielder greater protection.

Expansion. Le Roc has two modes that the wielder may switch between. While in mode one, Le Roc operates like an ordinary mundane shield (+2 to AC.) As a bonus action, Le Roc can be expanded and set into/onto the ground in mode two. While in mode two Le Roc is a stationary object in the environment and grants 3/4 cover (+5 to AC) to creatures behind it within 5 feet. Once in mode two, Le Roc does not require the wielder to interact with it, freeing up their off-hand. Additionally, the original wielder may step away, leaving Le Roc in mode two for other party members or even enemies to benefit from. Le Roc can only benefit one creature at a time. An action can be used to pick Le Roc back up and revert it to mode one.

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