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See also: Large Races (DnD Guideline).

Large Player Characters

The races presented in the Player's Handbook are all Small or Medium sized, and the weapons and combat rules presented therein are designed around those sizes. Until official Large-sized player races come out, the following rules can be used to better represent them in combat.


Large-sized creatures can use Large-sized weapons (DMG p. 278). This significantly increases damage output, and might be considered disruptively overpowered for a player character. When using Medium-sized weapons, use the following rules for weapon properties:

  • Large creatures can't wield Hidden and Undersized weapons.
  • Large creatures struggle with Light weapons, and have disadvantage on attack rolls with them.
  • One handed weapons without the "versatile" trait are treated as light weapons for the purpose of qualifying for two weapon fighting.
  • Weapons with the "versatile" trait deal the damage given in parenthesis even if wielded in only one hand.
  • Two-handed melee weapons can be wielded in one hand

Centaurs, Drider and other Hybrid Large Creatures

If your Large PC race has a regular Medium-sized humanoid upper torso, it might be worth explicitly stating that the race treats weapons as though it were a Medium creature.

Optional Rule: Oversized Weapons

  • Consider using the homebrew Oversized weapons variant rule.
  • Two-handed melee weapons can be wielded in one hand if it is not also Oversized.

Optional Rule: Unarmed Strikes

  • A Large creature's unarmed strike might deal 2 bludgeoning damage (instead of 1).

Carrying Capacity

As noted in the PHB p. 176, Large creatures have double the carrying capacity.


Based on the food and water needs (DMG p. 111), Large creatures require four times as much food and water per day.


It should be harder for a Large creature to find cover (PHB p. 196). The DM will adjudicate this, but roughly speaking where a Medium creature would find total cover, a Large creature might only receive three-quarters cover; where a Medium creature finds three-quarters cover, a Large creature might only receive half cover; and where a Medium creature finds half cover, a Large creature might find none.

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