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A lajatang
Exotic Two-Handed Melee
Critical: ×2
Range Increment:
Type: Slashing
Hardness: 5
Size Cost1 Damage Weight1 hp
Fine * 1/1 * 1
Diminutive * 1d2/1d2 * 1
Tiny * 1d3/1d3 * 2
Small 90 gp 1d4/1d4 4 lb. 5
Medium 90 gp 1d6/1d6 7 lb. 10
Large 180 gp 1d8/1d8 14 lb. 20
Huge * 2d6/2d6 * 40
Gargantuan * 3d6/3d6 * 80
Colossal * 4d6/4d6 * 160
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

A lajatang is a rare and unusual double weapon found only in the hands of martial artists skilled in its use. It consists of a three to five foot shaft with a crescent blade fitted at each end. Most lajatangs have barbs sticking out from the edges to maximize effectiveness. It is used in the same fashion as a two-headed halberd, by impacting the enemy and rake his body for extensive wounds. The lajatang may be considered a cousin of the more traditional wooden quarterstaff.

A monk who is proficient with the lajatang can treat it as a special monk weapon. Each end counts as a separate weapon for the purpose of the flurry of blows ability.

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