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Kor Nasson[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Trickery, Knowledge
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Kor Nasson, the god of Revenge, ascended to godhood by besting Pollux, the god of Death, in combat. Originally a mortal Draconic Angel, Kor Nasson challenged the god of Death after watching his party die around him. Godhood gave him the ability to manipulate the minds of most mortals, which he uses to torment those who wronged him. He never uses his subjects, but uses others without prejudice.

Kor Nasson primarily stays in Otherworld, coming down to his temple to speak with his followers. His temple lies on top of a mountain in Sevinaan, the town which he was born in.

Kor Nasson appears as a Draconic Angel of Gold Dragon subrace. He wears black robes with ivory accents on the edges, the accents making what resembles Celtic knots. His skin has taken on the tone of his Dragon heritage and his eyes have gone stark white, as has his hair.

Kor Nasson is detested by both Pollux and Castor, the god of Life. Among the lesser gods he typically stands with other neutral lying gods.

Kor Nasson is followed by many different kinds of Dragonkin, however only about 7% of all Dragonkin follow him, leaving his congregation small. A handfull of other races follow him but his word in only well known within the Dragonkin. His temple in Sevinaan is the only place of worship for him, and his followers all make a pilgrimage there at least once in their lifetimes. His teachings are spread by him alone.

The Trials of Kor Nasson: The most devout followers of Kor Nasson are given the chance to learn how to manipulate the mind in the way the Kor Nasson does himself. These acolytes must complete a string of quests in order for Kor Nasson to teach them his ways. The Trials consist of at least 1 test of strength, 2 tests of wisdom, 2 tests of knowledge, and 1 test of dexterity. Upon completion Kor Nasson grants them with the immediate learning of the spell, Change of Mind and Soul, allowing the user to temporarily control any other unit for a period of time.

Change of Mind and Soul: For every point higher your INT and WIS are than your target, take control of that unit for that many turns.

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