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Kobolds are goblinoid cave dwellers. They live usually in large groups, and while they are weak fighters, they are large in number.


Kobolds cower in fear at the sight of an enemy, unless in large numbers. They struggle alone, and so usually travel in packs to kill their enemies. They have a very primitive society structure, and almost never trust anything that isn't a Kobold.

Physical Description

Kobolds are small reptilian creatures, and are pale. They have large eyes to see in their dark caves, and have talons. Their skulls are rounded with a protrudeing mouth, and they have slits for nostrils and no external ear. Their bodies are thin and weak, and on each hand they have fingers ending in talons.


Kobolds are extremely fearful, and very superstitious. They never trust outsiders, and sometimes don't even trust their own kind. They are likely to run away in small groups and likely to attack if in larger groups. If their enemies show any sign of being more powerful, they take to flight. Other creatures dislike them, but not necessarily fear them. Kobolds are mischievous, and can also not be trusted.


Sometimes evil and sometimes neutral, rarely good, and rarely lawful.


Kobolds show little signs of actual religion, but they are very superstitious.


Kobolds speak their own language, and sometimes also speak Undercommon.

Kobold Racial Traits

  • Speed: 30 Feet
  • 1 Natural Armor
  • Darkvision 120 ft.
  • Light Sensitivity
  • +2 to Craft (trapmaking), Profession (miner), and Search checks
  • Abilities: Scent

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