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Kiss of the North Wind: This +2 icy burst / +2 wounding orc double axe was made for Scrum, a half-orc from the northern highlands, so that he could present it to his human father—blades first.

As is often the case with half-orcs, Scrum was belittled and tormented as a youth for his mixed parentage. Scrum’s anger at this harsh treatment became a cold rage took toward his absent father. When he grew old enough, Scrum decided to travel south and kill the man with his bare hands. His mother was horrified at the idea, and instead suggested they get a suitable weapon for the task.

Scrum told the wizard who crafted his weapon that he wanted his father to be reminded of the frigid land he left behind. It was his mother who gave Scrum the idea for the weapon’s name when she bade him to pass on a kiss to her soon-to-be-late husband.

Of course, finding his father proved to be more difficult than Scrum had imagined. For one thing, the lands to the south were much bigger than he expected; for another, there were a lot more people. The fact that he had no clear idea of what his father looked like hardly helped matters. So Scrum did what he thought was the next best thing—he killed every human he could. It worked for a while, as he preyed on small groups wandering on the outskirts of village and small cities. Eventually, a village with an organized militia was able to track him down.

When he knew the end was near, Scrum concealed his weapon so that human hands would never be able to touch it. Its current whereabouts is unknown. Two large strips of animal hide serve as handgrips. Aside from the two grips, the entire piece is made of roughly shaped steel, which has been burnished to a cloudy white finish. The only ornamentation of any sort is to be found on each of the four blades: the blades crafted with icy burst are each adorned with a blue half starburst, while the wounding blades each feature a single red drop. It is cold to the touch, no matter how warm the weather.

CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, chill metal/ice storm, Mord’s sword; Cost 32,660 gp + 2,560 XP; Market Price: 64,660 gp

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