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King of Games[edit]

A true gamer at heart. This individual was blessed with a gift of special cards from the gaming god Atem. These cards can capture the souls of spells and creatures allowing you to play Yu-gi-oh while you play dungeons and dragons. A summoner/spell-caster whos possible actions are chosen at random. with a effective spell level of 1/2. This can be a confusing class, not recommended for beginners. Access to a monster manual is required for this class.

Creating a King of Games[edit]

You can make a King of Games quickly by following these suggestions. First, Wisdom should be your highest ability score, followed by Dexterity. Second, choose the soldier background. Third, choose dagger, short bow, explorers pack, and gaming set.

Class Features

As a King of Games you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per King of Games level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per King of Games level after 1st


Armor: light, shields
Weapons: simple
Tools: gaming set
Saving Throws: wisdom, charisma
Skills: choose 2, slight of hand, insight, Arcana, perception, performance


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) a dagger or or (b) sickle
  • leather armor
  • (a) an explorer's pack or or (b) scholar's pack
  • (a) a gaming set or or (b) a musical instrament

Table: The King of Games

Level Proficiency
Features Slot Level
1st +2 Draw, Shadow Games, Standard Duelist Equipment, Scanning Cards 1st
2nd +2 Trap Card 1, Side Deck 1st
3rd +2 Archetype Feature 2nd
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Pro Gamer, 2nd
5th +3 Soulbound 3rd
6th +3 Trap Card 2 3rd
7th +3 Archetype Feature 4th
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Gaming Expertise, 4th
9th +4 Monster Reborn, Trap Card 3 5th
10th +4 Duel Spirit 5th
11th +4 Archetype Feature 6th
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement 6th
13th +5 Extra Deck 7th
14th +5 Pot of Greed 7th
15th +5 Archetype Feature 8th
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement 8th
17th +6 Egyptian God 9th
18th +6 Double Summon, Trap Card 4 9th
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement 9th
20th +6 Call to Arms 9th

Class Features[edit]

Standard Duelist Equipment[edit]

Starting at first level, you gain the standard duelist equipment listed below. These are magic items that are bound to every duelist. They are gifted to you by the god Atem and cannot be sold or traded. While they are indestructible, they can be lost, so make sure to keep good track of them. The combined weight of this equipment is 1lb.

Millennium Cards= A set of 200 magical cards produced by the god Atem and given to worthy duelists. These cards can house the souls of creatures, magic, and items. These are displayed on the cards and referred to as monsters, spells, and traps. All of these Cards are initially blank and useless. they can only be "imprinted"(putting the soul of something onto a card) through class features. If these cards are left outside a soul "container"(Deck Box, Millennium Tin) for 1 hour the soul inside the Card is released and the Card returns to its blank state to be used again.

Dueling Deck= Choose a set of 3 monsters and one spell from the Starting Millennium Cards list(at the bottom of the class page). These cards become your dueling deck. Each Card in the Dueling Deck is given a number ranging from one to the highest number on your Draw Die shown in the Class Table. Cards in the dueling deck, side deck, or spare Deck can only be changed out (with cards from the millennium tin) during a long rest. Cards that are not in the deck can not be used.

Deck Box= This small magic Box which is usually fastened to your leg or hip houses one of your dueling deck for easy access. It can house millennium cards up to the highest number of your draw die(shown in the Class Table) without their souls seeping out(acts as a "soul container"). A Deck Box may only contain up to 3 copies of a card.

Millennium Tin= This small metal box allows you to keep any Millennium cards that are not in a Deck without their souls seeping out(acts as a "soul container").


Starting at first level, at the start of each of your turns you may roll the Draw Die and pull one card from your dueling deck(stationed in the deck box) based on the result of that roll. If you roll the number of a card you have already drawn you must go with the next lowest number. If there are no more cards with lower numbers you must go with the next highest number(this does not count as an action). The draw die starts as a 1d4 and increases as you gain levels indicated on the class table. As long as you have at least one card in your hand, you cannot hold anything else in that hand.

Shadow Games[edit]

Starting at first level. You have the ability to transmit the souls within your Millennium Cards into a physical form. Theses forms cannot be extended beyond 30ft from your position(this is referred to as the Field). Any form that goes beyond this range is sent to a pocket dimension(referred to as the graveyard).

-As an action you may summon a Monster from a Millennium Card in your hand. Hold out a Monster card and will the soul of that monster to appear within 5ft of you. A Monster cannot be summoned in the same space as another creature/Monster or in midair(unless that monster has flight/hover). You can only have a maximum of three this increases by one for every 2 levels you have. Monsters that you Summon can be a CR equal to your level. You can sacrifice a monster from the field to summon a monster above your level. It takes another extra monster for every extra cr above your level.

-As an action you may cast a Spell from a Millennium Card in your hand. Hold out a Spell card and will the soul of that spell to appear somewhere on your Field. Spell requirements such as a target or concentration still apply. No materials are necessary to cast a spell this way.

-As a bonus action you may "set" a Trap Card from your hand. Hold out a Trap Card and will the soul of that Trap to appear facedown on the field. Traps Cards can only be activated when their activation conditions are met. Trap cards can only be gained through class features.

Any Millennium Card in your Hand or on the Field can be returned to the Dueling Deck at any Time. Any Spell or Trap used during combat or Monster killed in combat is sent to a pocket dimension referred to as the Graveyard and can only be returned to the Dueling Deck during a long rest. you can use a bonus action to command all Monsters you have summoned to use their movement and attack a target creature. Monsters can be controlled separately.

When applicable your:

  Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier
  Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier

Scanning Cards[edit]

You can see into the very souls of all things and can capture them within your millennium cards. You gain the ability to spend 30 minutes to imprint a written spell equal to your highest spell level or lower(indicated on your class table) into a millennium card(becoming a spell card), or copying a spell cast at or near you while participating in a shadow game. You can also instantly imprint a defeated creature(must be defeated by a member of the party) into a millennium card(becoming a monster card) to be added into your millennium tin. The creature must have died in the last 10 minutes in order to be scanned. The stats and abilities of the creatures can be modified at the discretion of the DM, but the creatures traits are ignored. Any equipment the creature is wielding is also copied but can only be wielded by that creature.

Trap Card 1[edit]

At 2nd level, you may choose up to two Trap Cards from the Trap Card list(at the bottom of the class page)to imprint onto a Card in your Millennium Tin. You may choose the same Trap Card more than once.

Duelist Archetypes[edit]

At 3rd level, you choose one of the three duelist Archetypes and gain those abilities.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Pro Gamer[edit]

At 4th level, you have become skilled at any and all games. Gain proficiency in all games and deception.


Starting at fifth level, your duelist equipment is bound to your soul and can be summoned to you from anywhere as a bonus action and you can store items inside your millennium cards.

Items in your millennium cards can be summoned at any time as a bonus action and remain for 24 hour unless unsummoned or destroyed. Destroyed items can be summoned again after a long rest.

Side Deck[edit]

At second level, gain a second deck box to prepare a Side Deck. On your turn you can choose to draw from your side deck instead of your main deck.

Trap Card 2[edit]

At 6th level, you may choose another Trap Card from the Trap Card list(at the bottom of the class page)to imprint onto a Card in your Millennium Tin. You may choose the same Trap Card more than once.

Gaming Expertise[edit]

At 8th level, you have become an expert at any and all games. You gain expertise in all gaming sets, letting you add double your proficiency bonus to any rolls involving a gaming set.

Trap Card 3[edit]

at 9th level, you may choose two additional Trap Cards from the Trap Card list(at the bottom of the class page)to imprint onto a Card in your Millennium Tin. You may choose the same Trap Card more than once.

Monster Reborn[edit]

At ninth level,you gain the ability to return your monsters to the field. a great sword plunges into ground like a tombstone and a monster rises from the ground in front of it. As a standard action target a monster in your current dueling deck graveyard and bring it back to the field. You can only use this ability once per long rest.

Dueling Spirit[edit]

At tenth level, choose one of your captured creatures to become your dueling spirit(this spirit can be changed at lv15 and again at lv20). as long as your dueling spirit is in your dueling deck you can choose to draw it at the start of a turn instead of rolling the draw die. While the duel spirit is summoned you can choose to re-roll the first draw die of each turn, if re-rolled the second result must be used. when the spirit is sent to the graveyard, you may make two draw rolls. You can always see this monster as a ghostly spirit fallowing you around(you are the only one who can see it).

Extra Deck[edit]

At thirteenth level, you gain access to a third deck box to place your Extra Deck. At the start of each of your turns, you can choose to roll the Draw Die for this deck instead of your Dueling Deck. This deck can not contain any of the cards in any other deck( you can possess duplicates of the same card).

Pot of Greed[edit]

At fourteenth level, at the start of your turn you may roll two Draw Dice instead of one. These Cards drawn from the results of these Dice must be drawn from the same Deck. Use may this ability twice per short rest. User is required to state the effect of pot of greed when used.

Call To Arms[edit]

At seventeenth level, once per short rest you may call out a number before you roll your draw die. If you draw that monster and summon it this turn, you may summon a copy of that Monster. This monster does not count toward your monster limit.

Trap Card 4[edit]

At 18th level,you may choose another Trap Card from the Trap Card list(at the bottom of the class page)to imprint onto a Card in your Millennium Tin. You may choose the same Trap Card more than once.

Double Summon[edit]

At eighteenth level, you can summon an additional Monster from your hand as a bonus action. this ability can only be used twice per short rest.

Egyptian Gods[edit]

At twentieth level, you choose one of the three Egyptian God cards to imprint onto a Card in your Millennium Tin.

Winged Dragon of Ra(Huge) a golden dragon revered as the God of the Sun. Some say his presence signals the coming of the apocalypse

  • (HP 150, AC 17, SPD 30ft flying, STR 17, DEX 16, CON 18, INT 18, WIS 18, CHA 12, type dragon)
  • Inferno: 1 action Ra creates a large ball of fire 25ft wide that descends to a point on the field dealing 5d6 fire damage to all creatures with the radius.
  • Tail whip: 1 action, range melee. Ra scrapes its tail across the ground dealing 3d8 slashing damage in a 15ft straight line adjacent to Ra.
  • When the Winged Dragon of Ra is on the field, you can pay increments of 20HP to deal 1d12 damage to all enemy creature in your field for each increment paid this way.

Obelisk the Tormentor(Huge) a monolithic blue giant revered as the God of the Land. Rarely moving, it was mistaken as a mountain for several hundred years

  • (HP 200, AC 18, SPD 15ft, STR 24, DEX 12, CON 24, INT 12, WIS 12, CHA 10, type giant)
  • Stomp: 1 action, Obelisk picks up and puts down one of his feet dealing 2d8 thunder damage to all adjacent creatures (Save DC = Users Spell Save DC).
  • Smash: 1 action, range 15 ft, Obelisk punches one creature within range with his enormous fist dealing 5d10 bludgeoning damage to that creature and if that creature is large or smaller, this attack also deals 3d8 bludgeoning damage to all creatures adjacent to that creature.
  • When Obelisk the Tormentor is on the field, you can send two monsters on the field to the graveyard to deal 3d12 damage to every enemy creature in your field.

Slifer the Sky Dragon(Huge) a blood red dragon with two mouths revered as the God of the Sky. This great beast is seldom seen at it does not like being below the clouds.

  • (HP 125, AC 17, SPD 40ft flying, STR 16, DEX 20, CON 15, INT 20, WIS 20, CHA 10, type dragon)
  • Lightning Breath: 1 action, Slifer fires a 20ft cone of lightning from his second mouth dealing 6d6 lightning damage to all creatures within the cone.
  • Tail whip: 1 action, range melee, Slifer scrapes its tail across the ground dealing 3d8 slashing damage in a 15ft straight line adjacent to Slifer.
  • When Slifer the Sky Dragon is on the field, your field size is reduced by 10ft. Whenever a enemy creature enters your field for the first time they take 2d12 damage for each card in your hand.

Duelist Archetypes[edit]

Riding Duelist[edit]

This agile Duelist is almost always atop their mount, granting them superb field navigation and area control.

ARC Mount[edit]

At 3rd level, you gain the ability to mount any non-flying summoned monster (that follows the typical mounting rules) and gain the following benefit: Mounting or dismounting a creature costs you only 5 feet of movement, rather than half your speed. In addition, you have advantage on saving throws made to avoid falling off your mount. If you fall off it, you can automatically land on your feet if you aren’t incapacitated and you fall less than 10 feet. Your connection with your summoned monster allows you to mentally command your mount rather than needing to give it verbal commands.

Mounted Duelist[edit]

At 7th level, as long as you are mounted your field becomes 50ft. You may now summon monsters up to 15ft away.

Winged Beast[edit]

Starting at 11th level, flying creatures are now capable of being the users mount. Mounts ignore difficult terrain.

Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon[edit]

At 15th level, gain an "Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon" card. Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon(large), or "Odd Eyes" for short, is a mystical dragon made of an unknown metallic alloy covered in four large colored orbs. (HP 125, AC 14, SPD 50ft flying, STR 16, DEX 14, CON 20, INT 12, WIS 16, CHA 10, CR 7 Dragon)

  • Pendulum Tail Swipe: Odd Eyes makes two consecutive attacks with its tail (+8 to hit, 2d6+3)
  • Backswing: When Odd Eyes attacks a monster with a greater CR than it, damage dealt by Odd Eyes doubles.
  • Dimensional Protection: Once per round, Odd Eyes can detach one of the four orbs connected to itself to intercept an attack by another creature. All damage dealt is instead shifted to another plane, negating damage against the target. Odd Eyes can not use this effect until the start of its next turn. All orbs are regained at the end of a long rest.

Action Duelist[edit]

For the Duelist who is quick on their feet and wants to fight alongside their monsters until everyone is vanquished.

Strength of Bond[edit]

Starting at 3rd level, you use the energy of your fallen monsters as your own.

  • Gain proficiency with Martial Weapons and Medium Armor.
  • For every Monster Millennium card in your Graveyard add +1 to your attack roll.

Iron Chain[edit]

At 7th level, you can seep your fallen monsters toughness as your own. Gain +1 AC for each monster in your graveyard.

Spirit Barrier[edit]

At 11th level, you can create a soul rope between you and you monsters to help keep you alive. When you take damage you can split that damage evenly between yourself and the the nearest monster you control.

Spirit of the Six Samurai[edit]

At 15th level, gain "Spirit of the Six Samurai" monster card. Spirit of the Six Samurai (Medium) is an ancient warrior sworn to protect his master to the very end.

  • (HP 125, AC same as yours, SPD moves with you, STR 18, DEX 8, CON 18, INT 16, WIS 16, CHA 15)
  • Ghostly Strike: 1 action, range melee. +9 to hit. 2d8+4 slashing damage.
  • This monster is invisible and occupies the same space as you. Whenever you attack, the Spirit strikes the target alongside you. If you were to take damage, Spirit of the Six Samurai would take that damage instead. The effect of "Spirit Barrier" can not be applied when Spirit of the Six Samurai takes damage.

Shadow Duelist[edit]

This Duelist believes that the strength of their monsters is what it takes to win.

Deck Master[edit]

Starting at 3rd level, you may designate one monster as your "Deck Master." This monster is designated at the end of a long rest, and is able to be changed during a long rest. Instead of taking the draw action, you may use your action to call out the name of the deck master to special summon it. Neither you or your deck master may attack the turn this effect is activated. The type of monster determines the effect.

  • Aberration: All monsters you control have advantage on mind affecting effects.
  • Beast: All beast monsters you control gain Pack Tactics and get an additional +10 to their existing speed.
  • Celestial: You may sacrifice one monster by sending it straight to the graveyard to distribute 1d10 healing among creatures equal to the sacrificed creatures CR (Round to 1 if lower than 1). You may target the same creature multiple times.
  • Construct: You may sacrifice one monster by sending it straight to the graveyard to distribute 1d10 force damage among creatures equal to the sacrificed creatures CR (Round to 1 if lower than 1). You may target the same creature multiple times.
  • Dragon: All monsters you control on the field can not have their attacks negated, nor do they ever get disadvantage.
  • Elemental: Whenever an elemental damage attack connects, you may use your reaction to call to your elemental Deck Master to either assist the attack to double the damage, or absorb the attack and take the damage itself. This does not work on Area of Effect spells and effects.
  • Fey: You can command your Deck Master to cast Bless at a level equal to half the CR of the Deck Master (Rounded up)
  • Fiend: You can command your Deck Master to cast Bane at a level equal to half the CR of the Deck Master (Rounded up)
  • Giant: All monsters you control add 4 to their Strength Score.
  • Humanoid: An amount of creatures equal to the Deck Masters CR gain either the feat "Great Weapon Master" or "Sharpshooter." This choice is left to the creature getting blessed.
  • Monstrosity: Once per battle, your Deck Master may use their action to release an unholy roar. An amount of enemies equal to half the CR of the Deck Master must make a wisdom saving throw against the users Spell Save DC or be frightened for one minute.
  • Ooze: When an Ooze monster you control is defeated, it erupts violently. Creatures within 15 feet of the Ooze when it dies must make a dexterity saving throw equal to the users Spell Save DC. The damage depends on the killing blow, copying the damage and amount of dice of the strike that finished it off, converting physical into force. Psychic damage negates this effect
  • Plant: All plant monsters you control grow bark armor and grow sharp thorns, granting an additional +1 AC and dealing an extra 1d6 physical damage when attacking.
  • Undead: All Undead monsters you control gain "Undead Fortitude." If a monster already had this ability, the Save DC takes a -5.

Shadow Filled Hearts[edit]

Starting at 7th level, your experiences have strengthened your monster's resilience and connection to the shadow realm.

  • Your monsters gain health equal to their CRx5 (Rounded to 1 if less than 1)
  • Your monsters attacks count as magical for the sake of overcoming resistances

Shadow Empowerment[edit]

Starting at 11th level, your creatures become covered with a thin layer of air from the shadow realm, granting it the following effects:

  • When a monster is dealt melee damage, deal 1d8 necrotic damage to the creature that attacked it. This health can not be recovered.
  • Monsters gain resistance to necrotic damage. If the monster already had resistance, it gains immunity. If it had immunity, it gains necrotic absorption equal to half the damage it would have taken.

Malefic Dragon[edit]

At 15th level, gain cards titled:

  • Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon: 60 foot line. Force.
  • Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon 2: 30 foot cone. Force.
  • Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon 3: 30 foot cone. Psychic.
  • Malefic Zombie Blue Eyes Dragon: 30 foot cone. Necrotic.
  • Malefic Cyber End Dragon: 30 foot cone. Lightning.
  • Malefic Rainbow Dragon: 60 foot line. Radiant.
  • Malefic Red Eyes Black Dragon: 30 foot cone. Fire.
  • Malefic Stardust Dragon: 30 foot cone. Cold.

All Malefic monsters have the same stats, but a varied appearance and different breath weapons

  • STR: 23 DEX: 14 CON: 21 INT: 16 WIS: 13 CHA: 20 HP: 200 AC: 18 SPEED: 40 foot walking, 80 foot flying Dragon
  • Breath Weapon (Recharge 5-6): Dex saving throw dc 20, deal 16d10 damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.
  • Damage Resistance: The Malefic Dragons have resistance to their damage type
  • Multiattack: The dragons can make two attacks with their claws (+10 to hit, 2d8+6 slashing)
  • 3 Malefic Dragons can be sacrificed to summon an Ultimate Malefic Dragon
  • STR: 32 DEX: 18 CON: 24 INT: 20 WIS: 18 CHA: 20 HP: 200 AC: 28 SPEED: 50 foot walking, 100 foot flying Dragon
  • Breath Weapon (Recharge 1): Dex saving throw dc 26, deal 18d10 damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. The Ultimate Dragon can make a breath attack from any of its component monsters.
  • Damage Immunity: Component dragon elements.
  • Damage Resistance: Slashing, piercing and bludgeoning from non magical attacks.
  • Multiattack: The Dragon can make three attacks with its claws (+16 to hit, 2d12+11 slashing)

Trap Card[edit]

Negate Attack[edit]

As this trap card is activated a blue and purple intangible vortex arises from the card absorbing the kinetic energy of target. You may activate this card when a creature declares an attack. That attack roll becomes a zero. That monster is then unable to attack until the end of your next turn.

Magic Cylinder[edit]

As this trap card is activated two purple cylinders appear with question marks on them. The force of the attack enters one cylinder and appears out the other in the direction of your opponent. You may activate this card when a creature would deal non-melee based damage to you, such as a spell or arrow. The attacking creature takes that damage instead. This does not work on spells or abilities that are area of effect, such as dragons breath or fireball.

Emergency Teleport[edit]

As this trap card is activated a small golden robot with incredible psychic abilities points at a distant creature and switches your positions before disappearing. You may activate this card when you would be hit by an attack. choose a creature within 15ft that must succeed a wisdom saving throw or be teleported to your position and you to their position. The attack then continues against the teleported creature as normal.

Magic Jammer[edit]

As this trap card is activated a stone slab with a magical circle engraved on it appears behind the creature using the spell, negating its spell. That spell is then unable to be used by the target creature until "Magic Jammer" is restored to your deck

Dimensional Prison[edit]

As this trap card is activated a purple rift tears through time and space pulling the creature into who knows where before disappearing. You may activate this card when a creature deals at least 20 damage to you. That creature must succeed a Wisdom saving throw or be banished to a random dimension for 2 turns.

Trap Hole[edit]

As this trap card is activated a hole opens up underneath the target creature. You may activate this card when a creature comes within 10ft of you. That creature must succeed a dex saving throw. On a failed save, a hole 5ft wide and 25ft deep opens up underneath that creature. The creature must succeed on an athletics or acrobatics roll equal to or greater than the users Spell Save DC. The hole fills back up after 3 turns. If the creature has not escaped by then, they are buried alive and begin suffocating once they run out of air.

Dust Tornado[edit]

As this trap card is activated a small tornado surrounds the creature you are attacking. You may activate this card after you deal physical damage to a creature. Deal 1d8 more Force damage to that creature. Then set a Trap Card from one of your Decks.

Mirror Wall[edit]

As this trap card is activated a wall of mist surrounds you obscuring your position. You may activate this card when a creature within 15ft of you makes an attack. Creatures within 15ft of you get disadvantage on attack rolls. On each of your turns, sacrifice 1d8 health or end this card's effect. This penalty increases by 1d8 every subsequent turn, becoming 2d8 the second turn after you activated this card, and so on.

Lightforce Sword[edit]

As this trap card is activated, a sword flies from a portal to send an enemy to the Shadow Realm, inducing insanity at the sight of the lost souls. The target returns after two turns with Short Term Madness. In the event the creature needs a source, the user who played "Lightforce Sword" is the source of the effect, such as a source of fear for the creature.

Starting Millennium Cards[edit]


Choose any 3 cr 1 monsters.

Spells(choose 1 of 3)

Choose any first level spell.

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