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A black inverted triangle surrounded by 5 white circles

Alignment. Neutral Evil
Domains. Trickery
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Kilthertis is the goddess of all evil in The Trifadishti Pantheon. Kilthertis technically resides in a place known as Dormarin but she is currently banished to the plane of Hextus and sealed within. Kilthertis is between 7 and 8 feet tall and wears a black dress made of a combination of belts, straps and restraints. She is extremely voluptuously built to an inhuman degree with her waist being incredibly small and her bust and hips being very full. She has porcelain white skin and long black hair that extends to the back of her knees with red stains at the end. Her left eye is covered by a large leather strap and her right eye glows lime green. She is missing her right hand as she lost it in the battle of the darkest night.

The followers of Kilthertis are known as The Broken Hand and they dwell in absolute secrecy. The only hint that someone follows Kilthertis is a saying to which the response changes. The saying is always "Curse the wretched candles...." but the response can vary widely depending on the time of the year, this makes the cult particularly hard to infiltrate. Their goal is simple, to bring Kilthertis back to the material plane and destroy Desmaduke. The cult is ruled by a creature designated the Low One. He must be contacted by Kilthertis after consuming a draught prepared by the cult of his own free will. This creature then losses his sight and use of his hands however, he is then granted great power and knowledge by Kilthertis.

Kilthertis has no holy books or churches although their are things her followers do to praise her. The most prevalent form of worship is a ceremony where many goats are brought into the woods around a raging fire. The goats have their throats slit and are bled onto a fire made from oak and lit with human hair. The goat is a representation of Desmaduke and the fire represents Kilthertis' imprisoning candles. Her followers then cook and eat the goats and then take part in all types of heinous physical rituals. Kilthertis expects her followers to sow deceit and mistrust anywhere they can.

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