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Ki Point Variant[edit]

I have always believed that Ki didn't fit that well in DnD. Especially in the form it is now in. Most people who want to even seem Ki users have to play a Ninja or a Monk with the Stunning Fist Feat. And I wanted to change that. This variant assumes that instead of Ki being in every one it is more an energy developed through hard training and constant meditation complete separate from any other power source.

Ki Points[edit]

Only classes who take the Ki Adept Feat have Ki Points. Some Classes receive the feat for free at first level.

Ki Points are spent to use particular Ki Manipulation Feats and Most Ki Manipulation Feats (This excludes the two Unarmed Combat Style Iron Fist and Gentle Palm) require the Ki Adept Feat. Every time you take a Ki Manipulation Feat you gain 1 Ki Point.

Ki Points can also be gained by equipping certain items or using the Ki Draining Strike Ki Manipulation Feat.

Restoring Ki Points[edit]

Ki Points cannot be restored with out:

  • Sleeping 8 Hours
  • Meditating

A characters Ki Points begin at their maximum amount at the beginning of each day as long as they have slept at least 8 hours. Characters with the Sleepless Feat can Instead trance for 4 hours and regain their Ki Points.Yah BOI

A character who wishes to restore Ki Points by Meditating may do so by Concentrating Undisturbed for one hour. This requires a DC 15 Concentration Check and restore 1 Ki Point for every hour spent meditating. A character may only Meditate once a day in this way.

Ki Manipulation Feats[edit]

A character who takes these feats learns to use her Ki Energies in different ways be it to do more damage with their unarmed strikes like in the Iron Fist Style or to move 30ft at the blink of an eye as shown in the Style of the Fallen Lead.

A character may use one Ki Manipulation Feat a round unless stated otherwise.

A Great number of Feats is added to the game using this Variant. These can be found here:

Ki Manipulation Feats

New Classes[edit]

Ki Warrior An Unarmed Combat Specialist similar to the monk.
Ki Adept A ranged Ki Manipulator. Named after the Feat.
Master of the Gentle Palm For Unarmed Combat Specialists who want to truly master the Gentle Palm fighting style.
Master of the Iron Fist For Unarmed Combat Specialists who want to truly master the Iron Fist fighting style.

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