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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Kerra's Life Story[edit]

Kerra is the embodiment of every lie ever told, every charlatan claiming to have magic, every pickpocket who claims they got their silver watch honestly. She is the source that all lies come from, the original trickster. She was born to the goddess Etheria, but despite being in the presence of such a powerful force for good, Kerra struck out on her own, filling the minds of mortals with lies simply for kicks. Kerra is frequently found either in Limbo or on the material realm in the guise of a young girl to trick mortals into following her, most of the time to their deaths. At one time, she was sent by her father, the Shadow, to harvest the souls of those who committed some horrible crime, and then he'd lock the souls away in Limbo.

Kerra's Family Life[edit]

Kerra is a very... reclusive being, not really fitting in anywhere but Limbo. A long time ago, she'd frequently visit her mother in Elysium or Mount Celestia, but that was before she found the fun in lies. Once she started pulling mortals away from peace and closer to wars, she'd lost her right to visit those realms, any of them. She found her home in the chaos of Limbo, amongst the tortured souls she'd trapped there years before and added to those numbers every year. Now, the parent she saw the most was the Shadow, her father, and the one who gave her the ideas of the lies she weaved so easily.

Her Clerics[edit]

Kerra's clerics are normally very good at convincing people that they are what they aren't. They could con the moneybag off the most protective mob in all of the Material Realm and get away with it. They tend to come together really anywhere they want, in a home of such a cleric, in a temple of trickery, anywhere. Kerra's clerics would carry a book that had a knife or dagger stabbed through it as a reminder of the one they followed, of the lies they tell to either survive or to get rich and famous. Kerra's favorite spell is charm person, the only spell she could think of to get a mortal to do exactly what she wanted. Her favored weapon is a long bow, a weapon that keeps her at a distance and her enemies, well, dead. She loves the color black, the color of hidden things. Her favored creature is the invisible stalker, a creature that stays out of the spotlight, hiding itself away.

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