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Weapon (varies), legendary (requires attunement by a neutral or lawful good aligned cleric, paladin or fighter.)

Kataima Incarnate appears originally as an ornate rose, made completely out of gold, with the omega symbol embedded in the center of the rose's face. Once attuned to the rose, it magically attaches to your non-dominant arm, wrapping its thorny stem around it, and embedding the thorns into the wielders skin. The rose spreads its petals over your hand, and reveals the omega symbol on the back of your palm. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. It also has the following additional properties:

Ever-Changing Form. Once attuned to this weapon, you gain the ability to transform its shape and properties with an action. By telepathically communicating with the weapon, you can transform it from its rose form up to 3 times before needing to complete a short or long rest to recharge the weapon. These forms consist of:

Shield Form. The petals of the rose magically enlarge and spread out in a spiral shape, forming a magical shield made of gold with the omega symbol in the center. The shield gives you +5 to your AC. When activating this form, kataima incarnate creates your choice of a longsword, flail, or rapier in your dominant hand.

Dual Blade. Kataima Incarnate magically forms into a longsword and a shortsword made of gold. The longsword is placed in your dominant hand and has a rosebud guard. Meanwhile, the shortsword is placed in your off-hand and has the omega symbol as its guard. The swords hold 1 charge that can be spent, as your action, to cast Fire Shield. All charges are regained at dawn

Dual Whip. Kataima's thorny stem extends and magically forms into two, long, golden whips with thick barbs protruding sporadically from it. When making an attack with this weapon you may choose to grapple a creature no larger then Huge (DC 8 + Strength + Proficiency). You may not attack with the whip used to grapple a creature until the creature is released; the creature may use its action to try escape the grapple. Once a creature is grappled, you may spend your action to constrict the target, the target must make another saving throw (same DC as before). On a failed save the target 4d8+6 piercing damage, on a success a creature takes 1/2 damage.

Greatsword. Kataima Incarnate transforms into a long golden masamune with a rose bud as its pommel, and multiple omega symbols all along its side. It glows a fiery red color. Your Strength modifier is doubled on all attack and damage rolls with this weapon.

Maul. Kataima Incarnate transforms into a great maul, the face of which is a rosebud. The back has a searing omega symbol that glows a fiery red. The maul holds up to three charges that can be spent, as your action, to cast erupting earth in a 60' cone from you. All charges are regained at dawn.

Glaive. Kataima Incarnate transforms into a beautiful golden glaive formed from constricted twines of thorny rose stems, ending in a thick spike-like blade. The glaive gains the throwing property with a range of 60'-300'. The glaive holds up to 3 charges that can be spent, as your action, to cast lightning bolt targeting a creature the glaive is being thrown at. All charges are regained at dawn.

Sentience. Kataima Incarnate is a sentient lawful good weapon with 20 Intelligence, 18 Wisdom, and 18 Charisma. It has hearing and truesight out to 120 feet. The weapon can speak, read and understand Common and Celestial. It communicates telepathically with any character that carries or wields it.
Personality. Kataima Incarnate speaks with a strong, commanding, female voice. The weapon was created in the spitting image of the honorable daughter Kataima, the Goddess of War. The god's own essence was used to form the soul and properties of the weapon. Kataima Incarnate seeks out honorable battle to prove its owners strength as a warrior, enjoying not only chivalrous duels, but destroying creatures that have brought great dread into the world by slaying them in glorious combat. Kataima loves planing out a confrontation with enemy forces, no matter the competition. It loves defeating strong and evil opponents. Kataima's purpose is to rid the world of dishonorable, and merciless monstrosities that ruin the battlefield with their disgusting behavior. It will destroy and imprison them all! A conflict arises if it believes its wielder is not worthy of its assistance, in life, and on the battlefield. This belief can occur if the wielder acts dishonorably, mercilessly, or weak.

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