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Weapon (shortsword), legendary (requires attunement)

This sword actually has two blades right next to each other. When this sword strikes something head-on, it makes 2 points of impact, sometimes getting confused with a vampire attack. On the end of the hilt is a diamond-like shape that houses a white gem with specks of red. This gem is what houses the soul of a well-known dragonborn sorcerer.

Sorcerer's Magic. Jorick has 10 charges and can cast the following spells with them: fire bolt (1 charge), witch bolt (2 charges), and scorching ray (3 charges). When the weilder cast's these spells with Jorick, they use Jorick's Charisma score.

Metamagic.While attuned to Jorick, the weilder is able to use the Twinned Spell and Distant Spell metamagic options in the sorcerer class. Also while attuned, you have 3 sorcery points with which to use these metamagic options.
Sentience. Jorick is a very... interesting individual. He has the an Intelligence score of 16, Wisdom score of 15 and a Charisma score of 18. He knows Common, Draconic, Infernal and Primordial and speaks audibly to anyone willing to hear, and telepathically to his wielder.
Personality. Jorick was once a powerful sorcerer who knew what he was doing, protecting his clan, the Norixius clan from danger and doom, hand-brought by the Daardendrian clan. While the dragonborn clans tried to fight each other, though, Jorick learned more and more about magic and battle techniques that would help defend his people. Finally, he was ready to fight, an incedent from his childhood fueling his need for battle. He crafted himself a blade, a dual-bladed shortsword, so that he could kill dragonborn and the enemy clan would be searching for a vampire, rather than a Norixius. The final battle came when he went to confront the leader of the Daardendrian clan and was nearly killed. Jorick summoned all his magical power and sent his soul into that custom blade and sent it out to the safest place he could think of, Norixius territory.

Jorick is a very angry dragonborn, full of pent-up fury. He never takes it out on the wielder, however, he will take it out on everyone else who dares attack the one who takes the time to get attuned to him. Anyone not attuned to Jorick will get snide remarks such as "Wow, great hit" when they miss or "He's over there!". But Jorick will learn to care about those who hold him as long as they treat him gently, polishing and sharpening his blade with care and a soft touch.

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