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An active Jiraigan. Artist: Elohim.

Jiraigan [General][edit]

You have inherited the vast latent energies secreted deep in your family's blood.
Prerequisite: This feat may only be taken at 1st level, Con 13, Wis or Int 15.
Benefit: This is a scaling feat that improves with your HD.

When activated this feat brings forth latent magical energies from the very essence of your being, growing in strength as you grow more powerful. The Jiraigan may be activated for up to 2 minutes per HD per day; this duration need not be used all at once and may be broken up as you wish. The Jiraigan places a strain on your body's systems; exhausting the full maxumim duration will cause you to be dazed for one round and suffer a -1 penalty to caster level for one hour; you also become fatigued. When active, the irises or your eyes become gem-like faceted golden squares with square black pupils.

All the following abilities of the Jiraigan stack. All abilities marked as passive do not require your Jiraigan to be activated.

  • 1HD: You gain a +2 bonus to all concentration checks to avoid interruption while casting spells. Passively, you heal an additional Con modifier hit points from any magical healing effect.
  • 15HD: You do two addional points of damage per die on all damage causing spells. Passively, you may use all zero level spells, appropriate for your class, at will, with no limit; you automatically learn all 0 level spells available to your class.
Special: You cannot have this feat together with the Sharingan, Byakugan or Narugan feats.

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