Ithovic (3.5e Deity)

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Lesser Deity
Symbol: None
Home Plane: None
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Sex, Lust, and beauty, but only for Draconic peoples
Clergy Alignments: None
Domains: None
Favored Weapon: None
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More information...

Ithovic is not really a goddess at all. She is not even a mortal person, and does not exist on any plane. She is a marketing gimmick dreamed up by the proprietors of a chain of brothels that cater to draconic-speaking people (Kobolds, Lizardfolk, other reptilians). She is portrayed as a female golden True Dragon.


Frequent brothel attendance is the only required religious observation. Payment for brother services is referred to as "donations".

Although focused on reptilian worshippers, the Cult of Ithovic is about making money, and they will accept converts from absolutely any race or alignment.

The Cult of Ithovic specifically targets reptilians of low intelligence, who don't know anything about real gods. Ranks in "knowledge (religion)" "knowledge (the planes)" and "knowledge (arcana)" are strongly discouraged, but taking them has no consequence other than increasing the chances that a worshipper might discover that his goddess doesn't really exist.

Invocations by clerics to Ithovic will not be heard, although a cleric foolish enough to be devoted to Ithovic may (at the DM's discretion) be answered by some other deity taking advantage of the situation and impersonating the non-existent goddess.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Although Ithovic herself does not exist, her religion is a real organization. The Temple of Ithovic is the name of the chain of brothels. The proprietors style themselves as high priests, and the brothel workers (some of whom are also believers) are styled as Priestesses (or Priests)


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