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Weapon (quaterstaff), legendary (requires attunement)

A shape changing weapon that alters fate


This weapon appears to be made of heavily blackened, wrought iron and resist all measure made to either bend, or break it's form. Small intricate lines dot it's entire surface, breaking off into even more complex formations as they travel up the weapons mass. The back end of the weapon ends in a short, twisting spike of blackened animal horn. While the front end of the weapon possesses a mirrored sheen where all of the lines converge, with a knuckle sized ruby dotting the tip. Broken fates is capable of changing it's shape between several weapons that all do blunt damage. quaterstaff, mace, warhammer and Maul

Changing Fate: Once per day, the owner of Broken Fates can telepathically command the weapon to take on a new form. Choosing between the three choices of blunt weapons. Each form counts as a magic weapon that is indestructible, can be used as a spellcasting focus and grants a +3 modifier.

Foretelling Fate: After waking each morning. The owner of Broken Fates will witness a moment in their future, that they can choose to change. This is represented in the form of two fate dice that are cast and the owner saves one result. Substituting that saved roll for any skill check, save, or attack roll that they can personally see happening. Upon the next morning, the previous recorded roll is lost

Tempting Fate: Twice per day as a bonus action. Broken Fate's wielder can throw chance to the wind and allow an enemy within 30ft to have advantage on their next attack. If they do so, then they shall have advantage on their next attack as well.

Sealed Fate:At any point that a creature is killed due to the effects of any of Broken Fate's abilities. That creature's body crumbles to a fine dust and their soul is devoured by the weapon. Their body becomes unusable for the purposes of resurrection and their essence is used to strengthen the bond between Broken Fates and it's wielder. Doing so appeases Broken Fates hunger for life and infuses it's wielder with 10+ the target's challenge rating in temporary hp.

Once Bound

Those bound to Broken Fates will be visited at night, by visions of a flamboyantly dressed Tiefling woman. Who proceeds to play music in tones that they cannot recognize and in a highly complex melody. Upon awaking, there is a chance that they have actually transcribed the music down with their own hands. At Will: Those bound to Broken Fates can summon the weapon to their hand and doing so in combat requires a bonus action to accomplish. The weapon vanishes from it's current location in a burst of red-tinged sulfur and reforms in the grip of it's owner. While connected to an owner. That character counts as a fiend for any sense/detect evil checks that are made in their presence and a small pang of sulfur will follow them wherever they go. The owner of Broken Fates is to be considered permanently connected to the weapon and it is believed that only by the use of a greater restoration spell, or that of a precisely worded wish spell. Can anyone actually disconnect it from it's bound partner. Doing so, causes Broken Fates to become inert for three days. After which the weapon will berate and curse it's former owner upon ever seeing them again.

After a week of being bound to Broken fates. The owner will awake one morning to find a gemstone like growth protruding from their wrist. This signifies that they are now completely bound to the weapon and the owner will begin to see the ill effects of the weapons binding. Unless fed new life on a standard basis, Broken Fates will begin to chip away at the life-force of it's owner. Reducing their maximum hit die pool by 1, every two weeks. Feeding the weapon once staves off this process and feeding it again for that two weeks. Will instead refund fully half of the hit die, rounded up, that Broken Fates had consumed prior to that date. If the owner is unable to actually feed Broken Fates and they lose their last hit die to this effect. Their body and soul are claimed by Broken Fates, upon which they dissolve into ash and the weapon becomes inert for another three days, before searching for a new owner.
Sentience. Broken Fates is a Chaotic Evil shapeshifting weapon. Intelligence 18 (+4) Wisdom 21 (+5) Charisma 24(+7). She can speak with any creature Telepathically up to 60ft, with partial Truesight up to 40ft. While also being able to utilize the vision of those bound to it. Broken Fates possesses the knowledge to speak any language of her current and past wielders. Originally only knowing Abyssal, Broken Fates can now speak Common, Elvish, Dwarvish and Gnomish. Broken Fates can understand Celestial, but refuses to communicate in that language.
Personality. Broken Fates is vivacious in it's demeanor and extremely vocal in most things that it does. Possessing the voice of a young woman and doing it's best to whisper sweet nothings into the ears of those around it, as well as sewing some form of minor chaos in the act. This weapon trades insults, gossip, bawdy songs and dirty jokes in full measure. Making it's presence a strange trade for morale comfort, with the fact of probable chaos to follow.


In ages long since passed, the Blood War was host to many extremely power entities that all vied for some form of control, or influence. One was the illustrious Lady Zane. A Tiefling bard from an extremely long reaching heritage of demonic power. She was the first recorded in being seen, wielding Broken Fates in the Blood War. Lady Zane fought well for her patron and even managed to seize almost a full third of the plane of Avernus, before several combined forces of Devil generals could stave off the rest of her advance.

However the heritage of being a demon has it's downsides and Lady Zane, despite being the descendent of the maralith Zelstraza. She was not willing to have her fate be mandated for her and sought to break her bonds of servitude during the later half of her involvement in the war. The last moments recorded of Lady Zane, were as she tried to flee Avernus with her lieutenants. This culminated in a fierce battle between forces still loyal to her and those that were still loyal to Zelstraza, with the maralith leading their advance. At a vital exchange of blows Zane tried to release Broken Fates full power, which caused a backlash. Sinking a section of Avernus into the river styx, dragging her and the maralith down with it.

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