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Weapon (Longsword), Legendary (requires attunement)

Sentience. CE, INT: 12, WIS: 8: CHA: 18. It can speak primordial and common. It has 60 feet darkvision.
Personality. Insurrection is nothing but a twisted but keen mind stuck inside the form of a blade. It wishes for nothing more then to escape the chains that bind it. To take over a mortal body permanently so he could walk the world once more
Call of the Storm: This weapon does Lightning damage instead of slashing. This weapon has 3 charges. It regains these charges each dawn. You can expend up to three charges upon a succesfull attack to deal an additional 2d8 lightning damage per charge. You take half this damage as lightning damage rounded down
Call of Chaos: As an action you can expend 3 charges to cast the spell Call lightning. It still requires concentration (But doesnt count against your concentration limit as its Insurrection casting the spell) and instead of action to keep on using it, you can spend a bonus action instead. You take lightning damage equal to half the damage dealt, rounded down
Surge of Thunder: When the wielder of the weapon would go down to 0 hit points. It starts to surge and crackle as it doesnt want chaos to stop. It deals 6d10 thunder damage + 2d10 addtional thunder damage per leftover charge to every creature within a 20 foot radius. All creatures in this radius get to make a DC 18 dexterity saving throw, if they succeed they take half damage and arent stunned. If they fail they take full damage and are stunned until insurrection The wielder has to make a DC 18 constitution saving throw. If they succeed they instead drop to 1 hitpoint and this ability cant be used again until 3 days have passed. If he fails, he regains all hitpoints, abilities and class features as if he had taken a full rest, then insurrection takes over the wielder. Giving him full control of class abilities as if the wielder took a full rest. If he regained control this way, insurrection attacks everyone and everything around him. The wielder can make a DC 18 charisma saving throw after each long rest or when Insurrection goes to 0 hitpoints

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