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Inspiring Love [General, Role Play]

Your love bolsters your efficacy when doing something for your beloved.
Benefit: You must select another person to be your beloved when you take this feat. This is usually a lover, but can be a child or even just a very close friend. Every time you do something specifically for your beloved's benefit, like going on a quest or fighting a duel for your love, you gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and skill checks. This does not include things you merely do together – you have to be doing this for the sake of your love. Loving an adventuring companion will not give you a bonus on all your adventures however. If your beloved has acknowledged your love, and given you an appropriate token (handkerchief, lock of hair, etc.), this bonus increases to +2, as long as you wear this token over your heart.
Special: You must be true to your love for this feat being effective; meaning you must think about your love every day, risk your safety for love, etc. Should the object of your love die, you might still gain these benefits when exacting revenge or building a monument to them or the like.

Comments: This is typically a paladin feat, and would fit very well with a bard. It is inspired by the medieval knights' tradition of courtly love. Lancelot for instance, could be seen as having this feat with regard to Queen Guinevere, while King Arthur (Guinevere's husband) doesn't have it.

Author: Dominique Crouzet, Carl Cramér © Dominique Crouzet, Carl Cramér 2002   This feat is from the NBoF, please see NBoF Credits.
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