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Inner Peace [Racial]

Fusions gain an inner landscape
Prerequisite: Gem,Fusion Realm
Benefit: A fusion may mediate, bringing the minds of either bring their form as a fusion into a landscape that reflects the minds and relationships of the creatures that make it up. Within reason this landscape may have natural hazards (lava, water, storms, ect.) but no traps. The creatures have no power over the landscape. The laws of physics may vary slightly (no gravity, low gravity, retaliative gravity, ect) The gm may decide the landscape or allow players to do so. Whenever a creature enters this inner land they are always in a place where they will experience no immediate harm A fusion may spend 1d4 full rounds focusing on an enemy. After that time the enemy must make a dc 10+gem level will save or have their body taken into this landscape for 3d12 rounds. This causes the fusion to go into a meditative state where they are considered helpless as their minds enter their inner world. Typically when a creature that is not a part is brought into this world the fusion appears within 50 feet of them. Whenever a creature would be knocked out or killed due to damage they instead leave the inner land. Any damage they have taken is halved. If a creature leaves by any means any damage they took during their time in there is halved. A fusion may use a standard action to leave. If the fusion leaves any creatures within the inner world are returned back to the normal world. When a creature taken into the world leaves they appear at the closest safe spot from their original location if there is a hazard there. Any creature taken within this inner land gains a permanent +10 insight check on the fusion, but not the creatures that make it up.

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