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Gems are an alien race that use a planet's materials to form more of their kind

Physical Description[edit]

Gems are human like. They do have clothes that are a part of their body that they can not take off. Their clothes and skin and any features entirely consist of up to 3 colors, but may be of different shades. They have a large gem somewhere on their body that is their actual form. Normally gems are human sized, occasionally they will be dwarfed sized or tower over normal humans. No matter the size gems are extremely light. Typically a gem weighs about 40-75 lb. This weight is the same with or without their physical body. Typically the larger the gem size the larger the body


Gems are an entirely militaristic society. They take over worlds and use the materials from it to form new gems. Gems are born for a purpose, fully grown. Due to this gems fall into categories rather than families and jobs. They are born to be warriors, designers, leaders, maintenance. The majority of gems do not care about anything else other than the diamonds. While gems often fall into these categories there are many types of gems born for many different reasons. In general Diamonds are only made once in a very great while. There currently 4 diamonds that lead the empire as Dictators. Gems are named after their gemstones. So masses of Gems can be called the same name just in a plural form.


A gem is born when a special substance is injected into the ground. Over hundreds of years the dirt around them along with the life of plants and animals in the area wither away, the gem is formed from this life force. Typically the gem's home-world orders an entire planet to be converted. If they are unsure if a planet can have gems form they will often form a few gems as tests. These gems are born with all basic knowledge for their class and some of the world they were formed on.


Any race that the gem empire has come across before usually view them negatively.

Alignment and Religion[edit]

Gems are usually of lawful neutral alignment and do not believe in gods.


Player gems are often very kind and full of wonder. Depending on their relation with the Diamonds they will often talk about the traits of their Diamonds and how wonderful they are.

Gem Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom: Gems are mostly a warrior race, their strength and quick actions put them about the rest. However they are often naive and easy to take advantage of.
  • Humanoid(Construct): They have a physical form that strongly resembles humans but their true form lies within their gem.
  • Medium: Medium sized creatures have no bonuses or penalties due to size.
  • Normal base land speed: 30 feet.
  • Reform(sp): When a gem falls unconscious or would normally die their body deforms and all that is left is their gem (Hardness 50, Hp=Max), they do not bleed out and are automatically stable. If the gem is destroyed they die. They can somewhat feel their surroundings during this time. (blindsight 5 ft) They reform the bodies in 1d4 days. They may change their appearance during this time. They can change their form slightly, such as hair, clothing, their base appearance somewhat. Their colors can not change from the normal colors they have chosen but shades may change. This change is not enough to make them appear as a different person. A gem's stone weighs 40-75 lb. while deformed. A gems entire body while formed weighs the same. Reform does not affect a fusion or other creatures in a fusion other than the Gem.
  • Construct Traits(Ex): Gems do not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. They do not age. Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms). Immunity to disease, death effects, necromancy effects, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, fatigue, exhaustion, and stunning. Gems do naturally heal at 1/4th the normal rate and can be healed using magic as normal. The mind affecting immunity is not transferred to a fusion but other construct traits are. Even though they are immune to fatigue gems, and fusions, may still be fatigued from the effects of fusion
  • Change Shape: Gems can use Polymorph on themselves a number of times a day equal to their charisma modifier.
  • Fusion: A gem may become one with another willing person/animal as a full round action. Their minds, bodies, and souls become a single being that is the embodiment of them and their relationship, friendship, functions as a conversation between the two. As long as the two are in agreement in their actions they maintain the fusion. If one tries to do something against the other's wishes they deform. They may also become deformed at will. They take the highest stat for each ability score, BaB, movement speed, and saves of each creature. Health and skills are the total of the two's added up. All racial traits are given to the fusion, along with any class features/spells/or anything else they have access to. All items the creatures are carrying are on the fusion, but they must choose between different pieces of equipped gear. The size of them will be 1 size category larger than the largest creature. Mind affecting spells have an automatic 50% chance of failure, but successful mind affecting spells that they fail the save of will cause the fusion to deform back to the two. This 50% failure chance becomes 100% when the other creature in the fusion is also immune to mind effects. When a fusion would normally die from any source, instead it becomes defused, leaving each creature at 1 hp. When damage is done to the fusion and the fusion deforms after, the damage is split until 1 creature is at 1 health, at which point the rest of the damage is given to the other. Fusions also gain a number of additional abilities that can be chosen from below. Normal fusions start off with 2 fusion points. After 1 hour of being fused the fusion must make a will save DC 15 to remain fused. This DC is increased by 1 every time they succeed up to a maximum of 35, at which point the fusion no longer needs to make will saves. Once two creatures have fused, they may not do so again until either 8 hours or they finish a short rest. Diffusion causes fatigue in all creatures involved even if they are normally immune to it.

Optional Fusion Rule: Any mental burden for either of the two creatures can wrap reality to the fusion, making them see things that aren't there. (Example a character dealing with guilt over accidentally slaying an innocent may suddenly see their opponent transform into the woman mid fight.) The other creature can try to help them get over it. If that creature doesn't within 2d4 rounds the hallucination worsens. When it worsens the fusion is considered helpless until it is either resolved or becomes defused. If diffusion occurs when it is in this state the creature that the instability came from will be shaken and confused for 1d8 rounds.

  • Automatic Languages: Common, Turran. Gems with high intelligence my learn any non-secret language
  • Gem types: In addition to the normal racial traits gems gain additional traits. See below.

Gem Types[edit]

All spell like abilities are cast at caster level= character level. CHA is used as spell casting modifier.

  • Ruby: Gain fire resistance 10 At will can use spark, flare. Rubies may use touch of combustion once every 2d4 rounds.
  • Sapphire: Swim speed 30 feet. At will can use create water, wave shield, and hydraulic push.
  • Quartz: Gain DR equal to 1/2 level.
  • Snowflake: Snow Shape, Snowball at will. Cold resistance 10.
  • Obsidian: Dark-vision 30. Can shadow jump 40 feet as per shadow dancer ability. If a gem gains shadow jump ability the range increases by 40 feet.
  • Opal: When using fusion an Opal can choose to keep the size at the size of the largest creature. Fusion will have 4 base abilities instead of 2.

Additional Fusion Abilities[edit]

  • Floaty: Always affected by feather fall, acrobatics checks are increased by 20. Can jump 3x normal distances.
  • Sturdy: Gain DR equal to the half the Gem's level. Gain that bonus to CMD and FF CMD. This may be taken multiple times.
  • Dangerous: Gain dex and str bonus to damage for weapons that allow either one. Becomes proficient with all weapons.
  • Magical: Can cast 1 spell at will that is 1 level lower than the highest spell either knows. This must be a spell one of the creatures know.
  • Hearty: Gain +50% of max hp as temporary hp that is removed only after normal hp reaches 1. Any attack that bypasses magical effects also ignores this health
  • Quick: Gain movement speeds equal to the combined total of the creatures +20. Instead of just the highest. If taken for 2 points, they also gain the run feat.
  • Mindful: Gains telepathy 30 feet with any willing creature in range. Gain +5 to will saves. (except to maintaining fusion)
  • Ghostly: Become Incorporeal. Cost 4 ability points.
  • Fast Healing: Fusion has fast healing 1. This may be taken multiple times. Cost 2 ability points
  • All-Around Vision: The creature sees in all directions at once. It cannot be flanked.
  • Soul Weapon: As a bonus action a fusion can summon a weapon out of the gem. This weapon can be any that the two creatures agree on. Normally it will reflect the personality of the fusion. At least one of the creatures must be proficient in it. Any weapon that uses ammunition will have temporary ammunition appear when it goes to use it's weapon. that disappears after hitting. This weapon will do normal damage as the weapon except for the modifier which is based on the highest stat of each creature (not the fusion itself). This may also be a shield. The weapon is basic but may be modified by spells.
  • Monstrous Instead of choosing 2 abilities a fusion can choose to become a monstrous fusion which adds in a 3rd creature. Creatures in a monstrous fusion does a will save (DC 20) every 5 rounds to maintain fusion. Other that noted acceptations a monstrous fusion is just like a normal fusion except it has 1 more creature added to where it says two or both. Ac is affected by each piece of highest armor for each creature+ 1/2 of the next highest. Ability scores are treated as highest ability score+ 1/2 of next highest. Skills are the addition of all 3. A monstrous fusion has all abilities of each individual creature. The size of a monstrous fusion is equal to two size categories larger than the largest creature in it. Initiative is equal to the creature that goes closest after the gem if fusion is preformed in combat. A gem must be 7th level before they can do a monstrous fusion.
  • Breath Weapon Once every 2d4 rounds a fusion with this can breathe a 15 foot cone of fire, or ice. The fire cone deals 3d4 fire damage (reflex 15 for half) and ignites any flammable object in the cone. The ice cone deals 3d4 cold damage and coats the area with ice. This may be used to freeze liquid that can support up to 200 hundred lb.

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