Improving Nature's Blueprints (3.5e Feat)

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Improving Nature's Blueprints [General, Armor]

The genetics of your nature are lacking when compared to the struggles you face. Failure is not an option. Thus, nature itself must be made adequate.
Prerequisite: A Natural Armor Rating of at least +2, Strength OR Constitution 15+
Benefit: You may enchant your Natural Armor as if it were actual armor. To calculate results, act as if enchanting masterwork light armor; however, none of the negative consequences of armor are applied (no Max Dex modifier, no armor check penalty, no arcane spell chance failure, no speed restrictions, no class restrictions, etc.). Treat Natural Armor as if it were still Natural Armor. Bonus to this "armor" add AC to your Natural Armor and other enchantments apply as if they were on a piece of body armor. This does not prevent a character from actually wearing armor, nor does it take up a body slot. This also does not add additional weight to a character.
Special: A monk with enchanted Natural Armor is not considered to be wearing armor (unless he/she is actually wearing armor). Spells like rust metal or burn wood do not apply to Natural Armor anymore than it does flesh.

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