Improved Prestidigitation (3.5e Feat)

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Improved Prestidigitation

Your skill with prestidigitations is impressive, they last longer, are more believable, and awe other casters.
Prerequisite: Parlour Tricks
Benefit: The arcane spellcaster has come to a profound understanding of how magic works. Prestidigitations he casts are more durable (effects last a number of hours equal to the caster level), more believable (Illusions created with this can fool sentient beings with Intelligence of 13 or lower, however, they do get a Will save DC 10 + the caster's Int bonus + half his total caster level), and just generally more skillful. Materials created by prestidigitation are still not usable as tools or spell components. Other mages will notice this improvement and tend to be impressed by his skill. Whenever a social situation arises where the caster may use prestidigitation to alter the outcome, he gains a circumstance bonus equal to half his caster level.

Example: Wensad, a 3rd level wizard, is attempting to intimidate an orc into revealing the location of his tribe's lair. He uses a prestidigitation to create images of fire dancing up and down his arms and verbally threatens the orc with death. The orc fails his Will save to disbelieve the harmless illusionary fire and Wensad gains a +2 circumstance (3 divided by 2 rounded up) bonus to his Intimidate check.

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