Improved Flawless Gem (Pathfinder Feat)

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Improved Flawless Gem [Racial]

Types of Gems gain more abilities
Prerequisite: Gem,Flawless Gem feat
Benefit: Gems gain more abilities based on their type

Ruby: When fire damage would occur before immunity is accounted for it will heal a ruby.

Sapphire: Gains Fast Healing 2 while submerged in water

Quartz: Unfazed. As a full round action a quartz can become hardened gaining +10 DR for 1d12 rounds, a Quartz must complete a short or long rest before using this again. Quartz also now ignore the -2 racial strength modifer

Snowflake: As a full round action a snowflake can glimpse into the future and may use True Strike on an ally within 5 feet. After a 5 min ritual a snowflake can use augury. They must complete a short or long rest before using this again.

Obsidian: As long as an Obsidian is in any light dimmer than bright light they are affected by Blur

Opal: Gain one additional Fusion ability. The amount of time before a fusion can reform again is reduced to 1 hour. A fusion's duration is increased to 24 hours before needing a will save, and only does a will save once a day.

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