Impact Dispersal Unit (D20 Modern Equipment)

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d20M Armor

    proficiency= Heavy 
    bonus= 2
    nonprof= 2
    speed= +10ft
    weight=Weight 4lbs, 2 boots
    cost=Purchase DC 20
    restriction=Mil (+3)


A heavy pair of boots made for orbital drop in case of parachute failure. 

Mostly used by military and merc units that drop troops onto planets or launch troops at opposing ships in combat. Any boots of large enough size may be upgraded to this unit. Made to remove the damage from falling so that if you can make it to the fall you'll survive.

d20 Modern Rules[edit]

These boots convert all fall damage or impact of enough force to damage you will be converted to an AOE circle of 10ft around your impact. 

The Charecter then takes 1 point of non lethal damage per die and half as much lethal damage, the minimum is 1. landing on your feet such as landing on a planet or the side of a ship, falling from any distance with cause the reaction as well.

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