Immortal Inurement (5e Feat)

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Immortal Inurement

Prerequisites: must be cursed with immortality and have entered a death-like state at least once
You have adapted surprisingly well to the miserable existence caused by your curse, hardening your mind and body to its effects and even finding ways to use them to your advantage. You gain the following benefits:

  • If you take damage that would reduce your hit points to 0, you can use your reaction to reduce that damage by 1d8 + your Constitution modifier.
  • You can now benefit from healing spells and effects while unconscious in your death-like state. If you are brought back to consciousness before 1 hour has passed in that state, you do not need to choose a penalty.
  • Upon the recovery of your body from it's death-like state, you need only choose one penalty instead of two.
  • Your ability scores cannot be reduced below 3.
  • While unconscious, you have a limited awareness of your surroundings represented by blindsight out to 15 feet.

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