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Ritual of Imbuing
5th-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 6 Hours
Range: Touch
Components: S, M ( 6,000 Gold Pieces Worth of Decorated Surgeon's Tools, and a Fresh Piece of The Creature of your choice, Both of Which the Spell Consumes ).
Duration: Indefinite

Taking the pieces of a creature that you keep within 5 feet of your person throughout the ritual, you sew mixtures of arcane, mechanical or eldritch energy, alongside the pieces of the creature that you've chosen into your body, or into a willing or unconscious creature that remains within your range of touch for the duration. At the end of the duration of the spell, roll a check, determined by your main spellcasting ability score. On a check of one through ten, the ritual fails, and the piece of the creature is wasted. On a check result of eleven through fifteen, the piece is consumed, but you (alongside your Dungeon Master for assistance and balance) may choose a minor property from the creature to add. (Ex. The darkvision of an Owlbear, or the climbing abilities of a Roper). On a check of sixteen through twenty, the user may now consume the piece and choose either two minor properties, or one major property of the creature (Ex. The regenerative abilities of a Troll, or the Winged Flight of a Dragon). Finally, on a check of twenty-one through twenty-five, the user may choose between two major properties of the creature, or a legendary property (Ex. The legendary resistance of a Lich, or the Annihilating Aura of a Nightwalker).

Replacing your or someone else's being can prove to be quite the heavy toll on a person's body, and psyche. After casting, the caster must make a Constitution saving throw equal to the roll that they'd performed. On a failure, the user takes two levels of exhaustion, and one indefinite madness from the Dungeon Master's Guide, or the DM's choice. On success, the caster only takes two levels of exhaustion. A creature may only have a number of modifications equal to half their Constitution Modifier, rounded up. If you wish, you may choose to enact this ritual, and without the component of the creature, or the consuming of the other component, remove a property from a target.

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