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Illusion (Cha)[edit]

You can fool the senses of other creatures, creating illusions.

Requirements: Telepathy feat

Check: Make an Illusion check with a DC based on the complexity of the illusion. If successful, the illusion appears to the subject. The illusion exists solely in the subject’s mind, so it can be of any apparent size. Creating the illusion of something small is just as easy as creating the illusion of something huge.

Complexity DC
Illusion affects a single sense 10
Illusion affects two senses 15
Illusion affects all senses 20
Simple (random noise, static image, etc.) +0
Complex (coherent sound, moving images, etc.) +5
Very Complex (multiple overlapping sounds or images) +10

Since the illusion isn’t real, it cannot produce any real effects. It cannot cause damage, support weight, provide nutrition, illuminate darkness, or provide protection from the elements. Thus, characters fall through an illusory bridge or floor if they try to walk on it, and although they can appear to eat (and taste) illusory food, it has no nutritional value. Characters encountering an illusion do not get a saving throw against it until they study it carefully or interact with it in some fashion. For example, if characters encounter a section of illusory floor, they would receive a saving throw if they stopped and examined the floor, poked at it, and so forth. Likewise, if an illusory giant attacks the characters, they get a saving throw because they are interacting with the illusion.

A successful saving throw against an illusion reveals it to be false, but a translucent after-image remains. For example, a character making a successful saving throw against an illusory section of floor knows the floor isn’t real and isn’t safe to walk on, and can see what lies below it, but he can still note where the illusion is.

A failed Will saving throw means the character fails to notice anything is amiss. A character faced with incontrovertible proof that an illusion isn’t real needs no saving throw. Someone who falls through an illusory floor knows something is amiss. A character who communicates this information to others gives them a +4 bonus on saving throws against the illusion.

Retry: No. You can attempt to affect the same character after time has passed, but not in the same encounter or scene.

Special: You can take 10 when making an Illusion check, but you can’t take 20. You must be in mental contact with a target to use Illusion.

Time: Illusion is a full-round action. You must concentrate to maintain an illusion.

Strain: DC divided by 5.

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