If You're Psychically Grappling (3.5e Variant Rule)

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If You’re Psychically Grappling[edit]

While you are psychically grappling (regardless of who started the grapple), you can make an opposed psychic grapple check as a standard action. If you win, you can do one of the following:

Damage Your Opponent: You deal 1d3 nonlethal damage, plus your Wisdom modifier. If you want to deal normal damage, you suffer a –4 penalty on your psychic grapple check.

Psychically Pin Your Opponent: Your opponent is rendered immobile for 1 round. While you’re pinned, opponents get a +4 bonus on attack rolls against you (but you’re not helpless).

Psychically Influence Your Opponent: You can use a psychic skill on your opponent that requires less than a full-round action. If the psychic skill normally grants a saving throw, your opponent is at a –4 penalty, since you have a psychic advantage. For example, if you win the psychic grappling check, you can use skills such as Domination, Drain Power, Psychic Blast, or Suggestion on your opponent and the opponent has a –4 penalty on the save against the skill’s effects.

Break Another’s Pin: You can break the psychic hold that an opponent has over an ally.

Break Mental Contact: You escape the psychic grapple and break off mental contact. You can take whatever movement you normally get. If more than one opponent is psychically grappling you, your psychic grapple check has to beat all them in order to escape and break the mental contact. (Opponents don’t have to try and maintain contact if they don’t want to.) Once you have broken mental contact, your opponent must reestablish it to psychically grapple you again.

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