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Hello Friends!, I hope that everyone that reads this setting, will leave a comment about it and that anyone will feel that very little is frightening them from changing and expanding on the setting Anyone that wants to create a similar setting themselves can modify and create some contry or age in my setting The core of Teoryran was always a slightly more real and gritty fantasy in a more "midieaval" world with relative morality then I expanded with the concept that all races should be more equal and equally diverse, from that I copied midieaval cultures from the real world and suddenly I realised there should only be one race per culture The idea of lizardmen as an intelligent speicies with an advanced Inka-Aztek civilised like that in the Maztinka setting have long intrigued me, the lizardmen are unlike the others a multi-species civilisation of reptilian ,serpentile and jungle and underwater based intelligent speicies.

Please Contribute to the Setting[edit]

If you want to contribute to the setting there is a list of things that I don't mind if you "break" or create exeptions to, you should not be restricted by these.

But never change this[edit]

  • The relative morality alignment system.
  • the equivalent time period of the dark ages after the fall of a high world civilisation.
  • the Gods are alien and unfair.
  • humanity are bastards
  • there is only one continent.

What you can change or bend[edit]

  • The Dark Fantasi theme is default simply to make the setting interesting.

If some new civilisation or class or place, have an more optimistic feel I don't mind.

  • Banned and allowed classes, if you feel you have a strong argument for it.
  • New Racies and civilisations, you can create new races, normally there is one civilisation per speicies,

but if feel a civilisation should be multi-racial feel free.

  • New Civilisations and lands, civilisations should be more or less inspired on real historical ones.
  • Historical correctness, if you feel sure about you can break a bit with the historical and real world correctness.
  • You can add phenomenas that are more or less magical than the standard if you feel like it.

What you can edit or expand on without deleting everything[edit]

I keep copies of everything so its ok. Those that want can add historical events or time periods or write ledgends in the mythology. You can also edit and add descriptions of places and geography. I will read it and modify it to fit with the existing mythology.

Post here[edit]

Feel free to post any suggestions here.

Guests Suggestions (Teoryran Supplement)

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