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The Racial Design Philosophy[edit]


I have decided to make all races including humans, into classes with levels. Partially to reinvent humanity from an outside perspective but also to make culture more important than race and making the races equally flexible. Instead of making needless changes my goals have always been the following;

Level Adjustment Philosophy[edit]

‘’Changes but not really new ideas‘’[edit]

  • replace half-breeds such as half-elf and half ork with low level adjustment.
  • making half breeds into multi classing
  • replace elite races with higher stats such as drow with high level adjustment
  • replace Tharuk, Thieflings and Fey’ry with very high level adjustment.
  • replace favoured classes with level adjustments.
  • replace the barbarian with level adjustment
  • replacing some aging system with level adjustment
  • making a very high racial level adjustments into deity

New Ideas[edit]

  • Giving each race some unarmed or natural attacks.
  • Giving each race a natural defence.
  • Making Magic genetic
  • Defining level adjustment according to social standing.
  • Replacing level one feats with racial feats:
  • Applying human skill points only to their racial class.
  • Creating a system where each race creates its own racial bonus per level.

Stats modifier Philosophy[edit]

Racial design : if a class have 2 or more bonuses in abilities that seem opposed. consider leaving them at 0. Two of tree mental abilities and the minus two one physical and minus four one mental. Then 4 / 6 stats are raised balanced by 2 / 6 stats, but only 2 / 6 are better off at +0 even if the races seem warranted. Stats could be averaged based on them majority stats that have the same numbers of ability increases.

  • 4/ 6 stats raised and lowered and 2/6 stats at average are good.
  • 2/6 stats raised and lowered and 4/6 stats averaged are ideal.
  • opposed abilities such as intelligence and wisdom are better leaved at 0.
  • flexibility, races that warrants raise in multiple abilities, should have the averaged.
  • stats increase should be part of what identify the race
  • the stats should not be the most useful stat for the classes the race

are supposed to often take.

  • penalties should affect classes that the race actually have

Human design philosophy[edit]

NEW IDEA The peasants and the nobles are the same, except that the peasants starts with ability weaknesses and the nobles don’t. They are both variants on the barbarian class. The peasants are deformed and more primitive. The nobles are less primitive but more crude and never deformed.

  • wrestling and unarmed combat
  • making fire and stone tools
  • instinctive skills and knowledge’s
  • instinctive pack behaviour, hive mind and aggression.
  • immunities, regeneration, hit points, and damage reductions
  • cannibalism and predatory

HUMAN SOCIAL ABILITIES Humans are social but unintelligent beings who survive through group us versus them instincts and brutality and treachery. However in the stone age the agricultural revolution formed the farmer race dependent on same land leading to devolution of social abilities. The hunters in conflict with the farmers conquered them and evolved into a hunter warrior race that retained their social abilities by evolving into the leader race.

BENEFITS AND ABOUT SOCIAL NOBLES Nobles are social in the sense that they have sense of community, of tribalism and an ability to relate to disagreements and outsiders while still being intolerant and xenophobic. Peasants are confused and unpredictable when they encounter disagreement and outsider. Peasants, live generating insults, slights and overlooking them with nasty humour until they explode in in fighting for nothing. Nobles represent the community and gives bonus that reduce the peasants charisma penalty.

SOCIAL AND STUPID Humans are social, they believe want they want to hear and what their leaders say and what everyone else seem to think. If they believe something, it has to be true and what they ignore can’t harm them. Humans believe in superstition and rumours and have a weakness for lacing logic, in fact humans are associate rationality and with death and dark sorcerers because emotional distance frightens them and patience bore them.


The Peasants minus to Charisma does not mean they are not collectivistic, rather they generate “friction” in different ways and their wisdom represents their collectivism. Peasants have low charisma because they are poor leaders, self caused low social status, poor diplomats and generate conflicts. Peasants are uglier that nobles, because of the witch hunts but they prefer beautiful women and are as jealous an abusive. they are not satisfied with their lives but they lack social skills such as joking, playing or storytelling. They are not satisfied with each others company but lack the ability to be kind to noble friends, nobles can stand repulsive behaviour but the peasants are usually slow to appreciate it and habitually demonstrating a humour consisting of insults.

SOCIAL PEASANTS Peasants at level 4 or higher are as social as the nobles, even if they don’t always have the same charisma, they have another socially responsible personality. They are better at conforming and fitting in and identify with their community without generating social friction.

Humans as MONSTERS

Humans are hunter warriors. They receive 1D4 worth racial attack per level Nobles receive a GOOD attack at level four Peasants receive a TECHNICAL attack at level 3. At level 8 or 10 a character can receive a HIGH attack.

  • Good attack..

Is an attack that can happen in plain sight and have easy or common conditions, that apply most of the time.

  • Technical Attack

Is an attack like Sneak attack that either cant happen in plain sight or have some rare condition.

  • High Attack

Is an attack that occurs at higher levels, it is both a good and technique attack according to fluff.

Human Subrace Philosophy[edit]

  • The Nobles racial class replace the barbarian class.
  • The bourgeoisie alone have the +2 extra human skill points per level

and the +4 extra skill points at first level.

  • The Ork Nobles Represents the Fighter Class.
  • The Ork Peasants Represents the Barbarian Class.

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